2022-2023 LALP Annual Report

During the 2022-2023 academic year, Georgetown University's Latin America Leadership Program (LALP) marked two significant milestones: 15 years of the first digital and regional journal published by Georgetown University – the Journal on Globalization, Competitiveness and Governability (GCG)- and 25 generations of LALP alumni spanning both our Global Competitiveness Leadership (GCL) and our Innovation and Leadership in Government (ILG) programs. This annual report offers a glimpse of these milestones together with a selection of the latest news illustrating the growing reach of our academic offerings, the impact of our alumni network, and the various initiatives we co-led to strengthen the ties between Georgetown University and the Latin American and Caribbean region.


Dear friends,

This 2022-2023 academic year, Georgetown University's Latin America Leadership Program (LALP) officially institutionalized its GCL and ILG flagship programs in a hybrid format while strengthening connections with program alumni and celebrating the incredible diversity of its growing regional talent.

For ILG 2022, LALP offered new opportunities for its alumni to engage with its programs. In this sense, ILG alumni were invited to serve as guest lecturers and project mentors to promote further collaboration and shared knowledge across generations. In addition, ILG 2022 participants were invited to join our LALP alumni in an annual alumni reunion on campus, celebrating 25 generations of LALP programs. At the same time, LALP also achieved a number of milestones with GCL 2023. With the 2023 cohort, the GCL alumni network surpassed the mark of 600 members, and it was the first cohort to exceed the program's gender equality efforts, with more than 60% of participants being women.

While advancing our flagship programs, we kept scaling our custom offerings, which included, among others, the on-campus Project Incubation Bootcamp for project finalists of the CAF Governance and Public Innovation Certificate, a virtual workshop for Women in International Trade Leadership, and a new online seminar in collaboration with the Center for the Advancement of the Rule of Law in the Americas (CAROLA) for young lawyers from the region with a vocation to promote the rule of law in their countries.

This year, LALP also celebrated its 2023 Impact Award Winners: Andrea Burt, Director of B Corps and Communications at Sistema B International (GCL 2012, Paraguay), and Sebastian Palacios, Minister of Sports of Ecuador (ILG 2019, Ecuador), and co-presented various public events and webinars, including the Women Entrepreneurs Forum. This unique forum further showcased the impact of our alumni in the region and brought together more than 70 international speakers from 20 countries.

Finally, the Journal of Globalization, Competitiveness, and Governability (GCG) marked 15 years of publications. During these years, the journal has sought to answer hundreds of questions, and not surprisingly, it has also unlocked hundreds of more questions. But, as always, this continuous cycle of questions and answers builds the advancement of any field of knowledge, and we believe there is a bright future for a better understanding of the challenges of Ibero-America and, in particular, Latin America for better governance, wider globalization, and higher competitiveness. GCG is devoted to helping in that endeavor.

I hope you enjoy this brief but comprehensive snapshot of LALP's 2022-2023 reach and are inspired to join us next year in some of our many initiatives! As always, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about our programs.


Ricardo Ernst, LALP Executive Director


LALP Program Reach as of June 30, 2023

Years of Programming

17 years of GCL | 9 years of ILG | 8 years of LALP custom programs

LALP Alumni

604 GCL alumni | 233 ILG alumni 

Generations of LALP Alumni

17 GCL cohorts | 9 ILG cohorts

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As part of Georgetown University's continuous global commitment to Latin America, LALP designs and implements two annual flagship programs - Global Competitiveness Leadership (GCL) and Innovation and Leadership in Government (ILG). These long-standing and recognized executive education programs have become a landmark of Georgetown University's engagement with Latin America and the Caribbean, and they have resulted in a growing and impactful regional platform of leaders that, with their projects, are generating a multiplier effect across the region.

ILG 2022 graduation photo

ILG 2022 Strengthens LALP Alumni Connections

In 2022, after two years of adjustments due to the pandemic, the Latin America Leadership Program (LALP) at Georgetown University set out to redesign its Innovation and Leadership in Government (ILG) program, applying the lessons learned during this time to commemorate the occasion of the ninth edition of the program and the milestone of 25 LALP alumni generations.

Learn More about ILG 2022 Strengthens LALP Alumni Connections

ILG 2022

Countries Represented

Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela

Cities Represented
Project Areas
Average Age
GCL 2023 cohort in front of Healy Hall

GCL 2023: Advancing Diversity and Responsible Leadership

March 30, 2023 marked the closure of LALP’s 2023 Global Competitiveness Leadership Program (GCL). This second hybrid edition, and the 17th edition of GCL to date, promoted maximal flexibility via blended learning, allowing 32 participants spanning 14 different countries to generate meaningful connections through peer-to-peer learning and academic classes over the 10-week program.

Learn More about GCL 2023: Advancing Diversity and Responsible Leadership

GCL 2023

Countries Represented

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Spain

Cities Represented
Project Areas
Average Age

ILG 2022 Gender Ratio


  • Women - 13
  • Men - 14

GCL 2023 Gender Ratio


  • Women - 20
  • Men - 12

Get to Know Our Impact

LALP Alumni gathered at the Hariri building  steps

Driving Change: Celebrating 25 Generations of LALP Alumni

From October 27 through October 29, 2022, Georgetown University's Latin America Leadership Program (LALP) welcomed to campus over 120 LALP alumni spanning the 25 generations of LALP flagship programs. 

Learn More about Driving Change: Celebrating 25 Generations of LALP Alumni

Message from LALP Alumni Presidents

Message from LALP Alumni Presidents Slider

Carina Silva portrait

I am pleased to share with all of you the achievements and challenges that our GCL Alumni network has faced in the last academic year in Latin America. In the midst of uncertainty, we have seen these obstacles as opportunities to grow and make a difference. To further support the GCL program, we have strengthened our network of alumni mentors, thanks to Pato Bichara from Collective Academy, who has played a prominent role in leading our mentoring program. Thanks to the valuable work of these GCL alumni mentors, our new GCL graduates have obtained significant support in various projects. Through alumni workshops, training, and personalized follow-ups, we have strengthened their skills so that they can more effectively guide the new generations as they become part of our alumni network. This year we also had the privilege of co-organizing the Annual LALP Alumni Reunion at Georgetown University, combining face-to-face and virtual experiences. During this annual event, we were able to meet old and new colleagues across the GCL and ILG networks and strengthen ties with each other. This alumni reunion set a clear agenda for the GCL alumni reunion to be held in Monterrey, Mexico in November 2023. Under the theme of "Accelerating the Development of Latin America” and with the leadership of GCL alumnus Samuel González, we will seek to promote sustainable growth, innovation, and cooperation initiatives. As President of the GCL Alumni Board, I thank all the members of our GCL Alumni network for their commitment. Every obstacle demonstrated our strength. Let us continue to work together, with passion and determination, to transform lives and contribute to the development of Latin America through the GCL multiplier effect. Together we will achieve great things!

Carina Silva, GCL 2020, Uruguay, and President of the GCL Alumni Network 2022-2024

Isabel Portrait

In recent years, ILG graduates have made a transformative impact on their governance roles in the Latin American region. We are leaders with the ability to anticipate and prepare for future challenges that have been essential to face the changes and demands that the current environment presents, thanks to what we have learned in our time in the program. Throughout the last 10 years of the program, this alumni network has been a fundamental pillar for the exchange of knowledge and experiences among the leaders of the region, creating an environment of collaborative learning and mutual support. The network has allowed innovation referents in their different positions to share best practices, learn from the successes and failures of others, and be inspired by successful cases to apply in their own communities. In addition, from the leadership of the network we have encouraged the construction of solid and lasting relationships, which has given rise to strategic alliances and joint projects that strengthen our community ties. In the current context, where innovation and adaptability are key elements for progress, the role of ILG leaders and its alumni network becomes even more relevant, which is why we have been working to enhance their capacities and provide tools to meet future challenges and take advantage of emerging opportunities in a constantly changing world.

Isabel Fiafilio, ILG 2020, Peru, and President of the ILG Alumni Network 2022-2024

Andrea Burt with Felipe Algorta

Andrea Burt Wins 2023 GCL Impact Award

Andrea Burt, GCL 2012 from Paraguay, Director of B Corps and Communications at Sistema B International, has been awarded the 2023 GCL Impact Award for her long-standing social activism toward fostering communities of change and creating a more sustainable and regenerative Latin America.

Learn More about Andrea Burt Wins 2023 GCL Impact Award
Ecuadorian Minister of Sports Sebastián Palacios

Sebastián Palacios Wins 2023 ILG Impact Award

Ecuadorian Minister of Sports Sebastián Palacios, an alumnus of the 2019 Innovation and Leadership in Government Program (ILG), has been awarded the 2023 ILG Impact Award for his exemplary personal commitment to the advancement of youth sports across vulnerable communities as a catalyst for social and economic change.

Learn More about Sebastián Palacios Wins 2023 ILG Impact Award

LALP Alumni as of June 30, 2023

Focus on the Region

The Latin America Leadership Program collaborates with other university centers, external institutions, and its extensive LALP alumni network to promote a deeper understanding of the current challenges and opportunities across Ibero-America and the Caribbean and strengthen Georgetown's engagement with the region. 


Events Slider

A collage of images including concert performances and portraits of Falla and Garcia Lorca
Entwined: A Double Feature

On April 19, Georgetown University Latin America Leadership Program joined Georgetown University's Orchestra Director Angel Gil-Ordoñez, and Director of The Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics Derek Goldman at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to present the world premiere of a new performance piece about the unexpected friendship between poet Federico García Lorca and composer Manuel de Falla.

Organized by Georgetown University's Latin America Leadership Program and MET Community.
WEF DC: Women Entrepreneurs Forum

The Women Entrepreneurs Forum, co-presented with MET Community, brought together more than 70 international speakers from over twenty countries to accelerate pivotal discussions and solutions in critical areas of entrepreneurship ecosystems, entrepreneurial education, and policy creation to empower women in business and foster international collaborations. The forum featured stories of change from our GCL Alumni Network.

Speakers' photos
Implementing the Sustainable Development Framework towards 2030

This public dialogue led by Michael Shifter, Georgetown University Adjunct Professor and former president of the Inter-American Dialogue, featured the work and impact of five alumnae of LALP’s Innovation and Leadership in Government Program (ILG) who, from their different leadership roles in the region, are working to guarantee the rights and autonomy of women in their communities under the principles of equality and non-discrimination.

Alejandro Werner delivers opening remarks in Gaston Hall.
Americas Symposium

Georgetown presented a symposium in celebration of The Georgetown Americas Institute’s inaugural year. Four former presidents from across the Western Hemisphere discussed the key challenges and opportunities facing the region. Speakers included President Bill Clinton (SFS'68), former president of Uruguay Luis Alberto Lacalle Herrera, former president of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos, and former president of Mexico Ernesto Zedillo.

Dr. Elcior Santana gives  the introductory address.
Inclusivity, Prosperity, and Success

Georgetown welcomed Brazilian businesswoman Luiza Trajano for a conversation with students and alumni on best practices in business to promote diversity and inclusion. Trajano’s work has been dedicated to creating opportunities for women and providing support beyond the workplace. As a manager, she has innovated and profoundly changed the retail business in Brazil by adapting early on to e-commerce and pursuing acquisitions.

Jaime Gilinski in conversation with Georgetown University Professor Ricardo Ernst
Understanding Latin American Business with Jaime Gilinski

The Latin American Business Club and the Latin American Student Association co-presented "Understanding Latin American Business: A Conversation with Jaime Gilinski" which explores the nuances of doing business in Latin America through the lens of one of the top business leaders in the region. The conversation was moderated by Ricardo Ernst, Baratta Chair in Global Business and executive director of the Latin American Leadership Program.

Georgetown Americas Institute, Latin America Leadership Program
A Conversation with Mauricio Macri and Moises Naim

In recent years, Latin American and Caribbean countries have become disenchanted with traditional politics and incumbents’ inability to deliver an improved standard of living. For this event, the former president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, and author Moises Naim discussed the current political realities in Argentina and Latam through a look at Naim’s latest book The Revenge of Power: How Autocrats Are Reinventing Politics for the 21st Century.

GCG Journal

The Journal of Globalization, Competitiveness and Governability, published by Georgetown University, aims to become a source of new ideas about the effects of globalization on the competitiveness and governability of businesses and countries in Latin America, and particularly on the tools available to managers and politicians to design better strategies to benefit their respective businesses and countries. With GCG Volume 16, Number 3 (September 2022), the Journal marked 15 years of publications.

Access the journal at gcgjournal.georgetown.edu

Editor in Chief: Professor Ricardo Ernst, Georgetown University, United States

Senior Editor: Professor Jose Ignacio López-Sánchez, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain

Celebrating 15 Years of Publications

Celebrating 15 Years of Publications Slider

The Journal of Globalization, Competitiveness, and Governability logo
Vol. 16 no. 3 (September 2022)
  • Impact of Innovation Activities on Sales of Peruvian Companies in Lima and Callao​
  • Examining Work Ethic Across Latam Populations: Differences Between Ecuadorian and Chilean Workers
  • In-house and external sources innovation and productivity in private companies in Ecuador
  • The Meditating Role of Eco-Control in the Relationship Between Environmental Capacities and Enviornmental Risk Management
  • Analysis of the Ranking Determinants of the Quality of Accounting and Tax Information
  • Female Consumption Drivers Associated with Ride-Hailing in Brazilian Capitals
The Journal of Globalization, Competitiveness, and Governability logo
Vol. 17 no. 1 (January 2023)
  • Organizational Mindfulness Towards Digital Transformation and Market Agility: Intervention of the Use of Managerial Information
  • Financial Literacy and the Sociodemographic Characteristics of the Entrepreneur: An Analysis of Small Spanish Enterprises
  • The Influence of Cultural Dimensions on Countries' Banking Concentration
  • Effects of the Pandemic and Governance on the Timeliness of Financial Reports of Brazilian Public Companies
  • Relation Between Consumption and Fear of Covid-19: a Brazilian Post-Vaccine Perspective
  • Gender Equality in Spain and Portugal 2006-2022; Economy and Competitiveness
The Journal of Globalization, Competitiveness, and Governability logo
Vol. 17 no. 2 (May 2023)
  • Peruvian Agro-Export Sector: a Competitiveness Study on their Main Products in the Period 2010-2019
  • COVID-19 Vaccination and Response of Latin American Financial Markets
  • The Relationship Between Financial Indicators and Financial Intermediaries' Stock Price Volatility in the Crisis Period of 2008 and 2020 (Covid-19)
  • Effects of Machiavellianism, Organizational Commitment and Personnel Controls of Budget Slack
  • Explanatory Factors of the Compliance with IFRS 16 (Leases) Disclosure Requirements: Evidence from the Portuguese Stock Market 
  • Effects of proactive personality and self-efficacy on routine job performance in a startup

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