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Cover image of the Publication "Sistemas alimentarios y cambio climático en Iberoamérica"

April 19, 2023

Juan Ramos (GCL 2023) collaborated in the report “Food Systems and Climate Change in Iberoamerica”

As part of the 27th Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government Representatives, Juan Ramos (GCL 2023), CEO of Regenera, collaborated in the publication “Food Systems and Climate Change in Iberoamerica”. This is the 3rd Report of the La Rábida Observatory for Sustainable Development and Climate Change which has the support of the General Secretary of Iberoamerica, Diputación de Huelva, SEGIB, FAO, and UNEP. This open-access resource is also authored by leading institutions in the region experts in climate change including ECLAC, UNEP, and WWF. Regenara hopes that this type of publication will serve to catalyze change and encourage governments in the region to take action toward transitioning to climate-aligned food systems.

According to the report, food production is highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change but is also responsible for 45% of greenhouse gas emissions from food systems in the region. To stop climate change and guarantee the well-being of the Iberoamerican population, it states that a transition towards new food systems that feature shorter production and consumption chains as well as more sustainable, diverse, and healthy diets is fundamental. The report recommendations are presented through the lens of 5 axes: 

  1. Food and climate change,
  2. Healthy nutrition,
  3. Better environment and NBS,
  4. Improvements in the food supply and,
  5. Social inclusion, gender equality, and rural transformation.

Improvement to these 5 axes can benefit from changes and innovation through governance and public policies, markets and financing, innovation and technology, knowledge, monitoring and information, education, narrative and behavior changes, and human rights and gender equality as outlined in the report.

"It is time for us to unite as a global community, take the necessary steps to protect our planet, and ensure everyone has access to healthy and sustainable food" - Juan Ramos, GCL 2023.

La Rábida Observatory of Sustainable Development and Climate Change for Iberoamerica scales collective work under the framework of SDGs and climate change action, targeting different sectors and actors in Latin America and Europe. The Observatory is promoted by the General Secretary for Iberoamerica, the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, and two sub-national governments: Diputación de Huelva and Junta de Andalucía. The report was mentioned in the framework of the XXVII Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government Representatives. Spokespeople of the 4 institutions that promote the Observatory intervened in front of Ministers of all participant countries. 

Juan Ramos participated recently in the 2023 Global Competitiveness Leadership Program, where he worked on his project that supports the development of more accessible carbon and landscape finance in Guatemala. From LALP, we want to congratulate Juan on this achievement and hope he continues to be a changemaker in the environmental area!

"Grateful for the opportunity to contribute as an author to this publication on our food systems and their effects on climate change in Ibero-America" - Juan Ramos, GCL 2023.

To access the complete report, click here

To access a summary video on the report, click here.