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LALP alumni from Mexico posing before the banner of the event at Foro Valparaiso

September 1, 2022

LALP Mexico Supporting Leadership for the Future

Miguel Martinez, GCL 2022, from Foro Valparaiso Mexico, in collaboration with Mario Romero, GCL 2007 and Managing Director of Impact Hub Mexico, organized the "Leadership for the Future" Conference for program participants of "Youth Building the Future.” This event, which was held on August 9, 2022, at Foro Valparaiso, convened members of the alumni network of both the Global Competitiveness Leadership (GCL) and Innovation and Leadership in Government (ILG) programs of the Georgetown University Latin America Leadership Program (LALP).

Without a doubt, I can say that the event fulfilled its objective by presenting a fresh and current approach on the subject, for the youth to rethink the application of leadership and the figure of the leader in their respective contexts, professional, political, academic, social and cultural. - Miguel Martinez, GCL 2022, Mexico​

LALP Alumni Mexico joined this project together with the directors of Citibanamex to rethink the concept of leadership by sharing their knowledge and experiences with the meeting participants. Some of the alumni who participated include (in chronological order of generation GCL-ILG)

  • Mario Romero, Managing Director at Impact Hub and GCL 2007
  • Martha Belden, VP of Growth at Platzi and GCL 2008
  • Jose de la Luz, Founder and CEO at and GCL 2008
  • Monica Garrido, Manager of Legal Services at IB Solutions Group and GCL 2010
  • Elizabeth Mier, Executive Recruiter at Microsoft Latin America and GCL 2013
  • Laura Reyna, Public Policy Manager at TikTok LATAM and ILG 2015
  • Juan Pablo Miranda, Cofounder and Director at Amicus DH and GCL 2016
  • Pablo Marin, CEO Pluralio and GCL 2018
  • Gustavo Rodriguez, Founder and CEO at Rafik, Mexico and GCL 2019
  • Miguel Martinez, Coordinator of the Comprehensive Care Program for People with Disabilities of Foro Valparaiso and GCL 2022

Foro Valparaiso is the space of Banco Nacional de México Citibanamex dedicated to entrepreneurship, innovation and culture. One of its objectives is to show the public the contributions that the Bank has made in favor of the progress of Mexican individuals, families, and companies, with a particular focus on inspiring young people from vulnerable communities in the country to develop an entrepreneurial attitude. that allows them to positively transform their environment.

Impact Hub Mexico is the global platform that supports entrepreneurs and innovators who seek to positively impact the world.

Source: Miguel Martinez, Foro Valparaiso