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LALP Advisory Committee

The LALP Advisory Committee within the McDonough School of Business seeks to multiply the impact of Georgetown University’s Latin America Leadership Program (LALP) to further position Georgetown as the topmost U.S. university for applied leadership programs exclusively designed for the Latin American and Caribbean region. 

Composed of high-level regional experts across all sectors, the Committee provides strategic guidance and financial support to LALP programs and initiatives to further the impact and reach of its alumni networks across the region in line with Georgetown’s commitment to advancing the common good.

Current Committee Members

  • Professor Ricardo Ernst, McDonough School of Business (Chairman)
  • Pilar Alemán, Panama
  • Jaime Bonetti, Dominican Republic
  • María Campo Curbera, US, Spain
  • Antonio Caño, Spain
  • Pedro Burelli, Venezuela
  • Ricardo Del Valle, Panama
  • Carolina Esquenazi, Colombia
  • Vicky Heuttermatte, Panama
  • Roberto Lara, Guatemala
  • Itza Lewis, Panama
  • Yael Marciano, Venezuela
  • Gonzalo Mendoza, Venezuela
  • Jorge Mestre, US
  • Gladys Navarro de Gerbaud, Panama
  • Julian Nebreda, Venezuela
  • Nelson Ortiz, Venezuela
  • Leon Patiño, Dominican Republic
  • Manuel Perez Dubuc, US
  • Gregorio Schneider, Mexico
  • Ana Julia Thomson de Zuloaga, Venezuela
  • José Rafael Yunén, Dominican Republic

For more information about how to become a LALP Advisory Committee member or a sponsor of our programs, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at