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About LALP

Pursuing the university’s mission of teaching and service for the common good, Georgetown University's Latin America Leadership Program (LALP) develops regionally-focused experiential executive education programs that aim to educate, connect, and inspire regional leaders to create impact networks with a positive multiplier effect across Latin America and the Caribbean.


Ricardo Ernst and Nur Cristiani

2023 GU LATAM Conference Event

On November 20, 2023, Georgetown University presented the relaunch of its Georgetown University Latin American Conference GU LATAM, which aims to elevate an action-oriented debate on the major issues related to the Latin American and the Caribbean region.

This annual conference brings together all…

Juan Pablo Ospina celebrating this recognization with other YLAI colleagues

Juan Pablo Ospina Yepes from Colombia Wins 2024 YLAI Solution Pitch Competition

Juan Pablo Ospina Yepes (GCL 2016, Colombia) was selected as the 2024 YLAI Solution Pitch Competition winner. Juan Pablo co-founded Emerge, a social business that provides training in the agricultural sector and invests in education access for rural communities. Juan’s participation in the YLAI Fellowship sought to address the business challenge of scaling and expansion to allow communities to learn how to produce income and attract investors interested in education programs.

GCG Journal, Volume 18, Number 2

Georgetown University just released a new issue of their quarterly journal GCG, which features innovative proposals to help improve the competitiveness and governability of Ibero-American companies and countries in a globalized world. The journal also aims to serve the region’s academic and scientific communities by becoming the reference publication for new ideas.

Open Call for ILG 2024

Every year, Georgetown University's Innovation and Leadership in Government (ILG) program brings together a select and diverse cohort of Latin American leaders from the public, social, multilateral, and international cooperation sectors to participate in an experiential program where participants exchange ideas and best practices and analyze innovation opportunities for some of the most urgent challenges facing the public and social sectors in Latin America. The 11th edition of ILG will run from September 16 through October 25, with four virtual weeks, one week of asynchronous work to finalize projects, and a one-week residency in Washington, DC. Apply from April 15 through June 14.