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March 29, 2023

WEF DC: Women Entrepreneurs Forum

Beyond 2023: A New Era of Innovation and Leadership

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In celebration of International Women’s Day, Georgetown University’s Latin America Leadership Program (LALP) joins MET Community to present "WEF DC: Women Entrepreneurs Forum | Beyond 2023: A New Era of Innovation and Leadership," a platform to foster collaboration, motivation, business opportunities, and personal growth. The forum will include two days of public events to be held at the Lohrfink Auditorium, Georgetown University, on March 29, and virtually on March 30, 2023. 

WEF DC aims to accelerate pivotal discussions and solutions in critical areas of entrepreneurship ecosystems, entrepreneurial education, and policy creation to empower women in business and foster international collaborations. 

This forum is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to bring together more than 70 international speakers from twenty countries, including two Nobel Prize winners, CEOs, and VPs of international organizations such as the World Bank Group, the International Monetary Fund, and the Interamerican Development Bank, and the US Government. The forum will also feature a selection of stories of change from recognized alumni and program participants from LALP´s Global Competitiveness Leadership Program.

The public events on March 29 (at Georgetown University) and March 30 (virtual events) are free and open to the Georgetown University community. For more information and to register please visit

COVID-19 University Visitor Registration: Please note that all in-person visitors must fill out the following form before the event in order to guarantee their attendance. Current Georgetown faculty, staff, and students will be required to show a GUID.


1. Build an Entrepreneurial Network and Develop Leadership Persona

Our two-day sessions will provide insights needed to foster the growth and success of women-led and women-owned ventures, providing leadership strategies, best practices, and key business frameworks for solving different business problems with immersive, real-world examples and methodology of entrepreneurial leaders, as well as the tools and technologies used by leading-edge companies both locally and internationally. The sessions will also provide discussions on the different ways to be part of a startup community — from launching a company or buying a business to investing or being an adviser or intrapreneur within a larger company.

2. Celebrate Women Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs go through a lot to launch their business and keep it running. We will use the forum to celebrate women's tenacity, accomplishments, and contributions to developing the global economy.

3. Support and Solidarity for Female-owned Businesses

The forum discussions will encourage participants to patronize women's businesses or products and support them on social media, as well as invest in their companies, donate, or mentor aspiring female entrepreneurs.

4. Inspire Women to Launch New Ventures

New entrepreneurial leaders need to know how to create sustainable value and launch ideas, motivate and develop talented people, and champion innovative approaches. Through the forum, we will inspire women with good business ideas, to kick-start a venture and execute their vision with the right business plan and model and a go-to-market strategy.


Based on the McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University’s Latin America Leadership Program (LALP) develops innovative non-degree executive education programs that aim to educate, connect, and inspire Latin American emergent leaders in the pursuit of the university’s mission of teaching and service for the common good. LALP's annual flagship programs— the Global Competitiveness Leadership (GCL) and the Innovation and Leadership in Government (ILG)-, together with its custom programs, public dialogues, and alumni initiatives help to foster deeper links between Georgetown University and the Latin American region

MET Community is an international non-profit organization that promotes and supports sustainable, responsible, and innovative female leadership through training, mentorship, and networking.

The Women Entrepreneurs Forum DC was created by Yanire Braña,  president and founder of MET Community, a non-profit organization that supports and promotes women's entrepreneurship through training, mentoring, and networking activities. Yanire has accumulated over two decades of experience in knowledge management, communications, marketing, training, leveraging information technology, change management, and innovation.

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