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2020-2021 LALP Annual Report

This 2020-2021 annual report of Georgetown University's Latin America Leadership Program (LALP) highlights LALP's continuous engagement with the region. The report offers a glimpse of the reach and impact of our flagship and custom academic offerings, the incredible work of our alumni, and the various initiatives that we led to strengthen the ties between the university and Latin America during this unprecedented period.


Overview as of June 30, 2021

Years of Programming

15 years of GCL, 7 years of ILG, 6 years of LALP custom programs

LALP Alumni

GCL alumni 536, ILG alumni 171

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Dear friends of LALP,

An "unprecedented year." Those two words seem to resonate in our minds when we think about the widespread disruption and uncertainty that the world experienced this past year. However, as I reflect on Georgetown University's Latin America Leadership Program (LALP) during this period, I also see the incredible drive of Georgetown University, our program team and faculty, and the growing and far-reaching LALP community of friends, participants, alumni, and generous supporters that inspire new ways of thinking as we construct a brighter future.

For us, building a brighter future means educating, empowering, and connecting the new voices of agents of change from Latin America and Spain, committed to leading a positive transformation in their lives and the lives of their communities. This past year, with mindful action and enthusiasm, LALP reimagined its flagship offerings, the Global Competitiveness Leadership (GCL) and Innovation and Leadership in Government (ILG) programs, moving them to live virtual platforms to respond to the times. The format redesign allowed us to welcome over 70 emergent leaders from over 20 countries, and more than 100 other leaders participated in our custom program offerings, including ILG Brazil 4.0, Leading Education, and our Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative - DC programs. In addition, LALP continued to strengthen the ties between Latin America and the wider university community through the Journal of Globalization, Competitiveness, and Governability and a series of public dialogues addressing the key themes of governance and the rule of law, economic growth, and social and cultural inclusion that drive the university's engagement with the region. But all of this can only be possible thanks to the unwavering support of individuals like you, the Georgetown University Latin American Board, LALP Advisory Committee, individual donors, corporate sponsors, and LALP alumni and friends. Thanks to all of you, LALP celebrated 15 years of programming, educating emergent leaders, and recognizing the relentless work of our incredible network, which now amounts to more than 700 agents of change across the region.

I am so pleased to see that LALP continues to reimagine itself to better equip emergent leaders and bring Georgetown and Latin America closer together. I hope you enjoy this glimpse of what the 2020-2021 academic year has meant for all of us.

With my very best wishes and sincere appreciation,

Ricardo Ernst

Executive Director, LALP


ILG 2020

Women/Men Ratio

12 women and 20 men
in ILG 2020

Cities Represented

ILG 2020

GCL 2021

Women/Men Ratio

18 women and 19 men
in GCL 2021

Cities Represented

GCL 2021

Engaging the Region

LALP Event Series

LALP Event Series Slider

Woman in Guatemala holding a vegetable in a street market
Women Economic Empowerment in Latin America

The crisis derived from the COVID-19 pandemic is having a different impact on women. Various analyzes are looking at the deepening of gender inequalities, being the gaps linked to the participation of women in the economy and their economic empowerment those that present a worse outlook for their advancement.

Wooden building blocks with hand holding "Post COVID-19" bridge
The Americas: Building the Future Together

The COVID-19 crisis is affecting the world in unprecedented ways, stretching thin the resources of both the public and private sectors and exposing the long-standing tensions and growing edges of political and economic models. Latin America, in particular, has seen much of its hard-earned recent growth and democratization called into question, and the countries in the region have responded with widely differing policy measures. 

This webinar series sought to uncover trends and divergences across the hemisphere, aiming to identify opportunities and best practices that can foster future growth and inclusion in the Americas. The series was co-sponsored with the Center for Latin American Studies at Georgetown University.

Man on bicycle in empty Paseo de la Refoma in Mexico City
Latin America: Leading the Road Ahead

COVID-19 has triggered severe health, economic, human, and political crisis throughout the world. Latin America must lead the road ahead through international cooperation, high impact initiatives from both public and private sectors, policymaking, and collaboration from all sectors including academia and civil society. Joint cooperation among nations has never been as important as today. 

Through our LALP Alumni Webinar Series, "Latin America: Leading the Road Ahead," our goal is to strengthen international cooperation, promote the exchange of best practices and knowledge among countries to mitigate COVID-19, and support our almost 700 alumni within the whole Ibero-American region.

Journal of Globalization, Competitiveness and Governability

The Journal of Globalization, Competitiveness and Governability, published by Georgetown University, aims to become a source of new ideas about the effects of globalization on the competitiveness and governability of businesses and countries in Latin America, and particularly on the tools available to managers and politicians to design better strategies to benefit their respective businesses and countries.

Access the journal at gcgjournal.georgetown.edu

Editor in Chief:
Professor Ricardo Ernst, Georgetown University, United States
Senior Editor:
Professor Jose Ignacio López-Sánchez, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain

Publications in this period

Publications in this period Slider

Logo of journal of globalization, competitiveness and governability
Vol. 14 no. 2 (2020): may-august


  • ​The incidence of diversity in the functioning of the board of directors in Chile, period 2015 – 2017
  • Factors affecting the implementation of innovation strategies in a dynamic environment: case SMES of the tourism sector in Ecuador
  • Productivity and efficiency analysis of MSMEs in Mexico
  • How does the worker's contribution to productivity explain the decrease in inequality in South America?
  • Analysis of the relationship between corporate governance and the performance of chilean "blue chip": a study on the rules of "meet or explain"
  • China’s reputation in the USA: strategies for consumers
Logo of Journal of Globalization, Competitiveness and Governability
Vol. 14 no. 3 (2020): september-december


  • ​Latin American integrated market. Is there cointegration after the entry of Mexico?
  • The innovative performance of nations under a global overview: a reflection on innovation conditions from economic development disparities
  • The performance of equity mutual funds in Brazil in the period 2005-2018
  • Orientation to corporate social responsibility: a study of a study on influencing factors
  • Effect of investments, globalization and economic condition on food waste
  • Study of the intention to donate money to the Brazilian Santas Casas de Misericórdia
Logo of Journal of Globalization, Competitiveness and Governability
Vol. 15 no. 1 (2021): january-april


  • ​The role of the indicator of economic freedom and corruption in the attraction of investment: a focus for countries of South America
  • Applying Grey Relational Analysis to Brazilian soccer clubs: a measurement of the financial and sports performance
  • Explanatory Factors for the Budget Expenditure Effectiveness in Brazilian City
  • Planning in medical material procurement: a case study from the José Alencar Gomes da Silva National Cancer Institute Supply Division – INCA
  • The most attractive sectors of the labour market and their international dimension
  • Inequality in times of crisis. The South American case.
Logo of Journal of Globalization, Competitiveness and Governability
Vol. 15 no. 2 (2021): may-august


  • ​The impact of active and post-labor human capital on the value of Brazilian companies
  • Capital structure decisions in the commercial sector: Pecking Order or Trade Off?
  • Effects of informal controls and organizational identification on affective commitment
  • Entrepreneurial intention in the students of a public and a private university in Ecuador
  • Vector model of digital economy in the process of increasing the competitiveness of countries and regions
  • Determining factors in the implementation of social innovation activities: the case of Chilean companies

Our Impact

Message from LALP Alumni Presidents

Message from LALP Alumni Presidents Slider

Portrait of Laura Paonessa

Faced with a world on hiatus, the GCL Alumni Network became a space of continuity. We have supported the first virtual edition of GCL, strengthening ties between alumni. We facilitated team building through mentoring; we opened thematic conversations that multiplied the ability to generate projects and their impact. Likewise, collaborating with the ILG Alumni Network, we resumed the annual face-to-face meetings, maintaining a virtual instance to involve the entire network.

It fills me with hope to know that this network has become a community involved in the development of the region.​

Laura Paonessa, President of the GCL Alumni Network (2018-2021)

Portrait of Romina Sarmiento

This year has been a great challenge for the entire alumni community of Georgetown University’s Innovation and Leadership in Government Program. The pandemic required us, as never before, to apply all those skills and tools we acquired in the program to come up with optimal public policy solutions that responded to the current needs and realities of our countries.

Throughout the process we witnessed how important it is to belong to a network like ours, whose members act in key spaces and actively collaborate in an empathic and supportive way. We learned together and, despite the great challenges, we were able to reach many of our goals, and despite the distance, we were able to be more connected than ever. With great pride and gratitude, we want to share some of the impact our network has been able to achieve, and we thank all of those who supported us along the way and made it possible for us to be part of this incredible network of agents of change.​

Romina Sarmiento, President ILG Alumni Association

LALP Alumni as of June 30, 2021

The map on the left shows the number of participants as of June 30, 2021 in GCL 2021 and ILG 2020, as well as the number of alumni since the inception of the programs.

Photo of Kenneth Gent, Winner of 2021 GCL Impact Award

GCL Impact Award 2021

Georgetown University’s Latin America Leadership Program granted this year’s GCL Impact Award to GCL Alumnus Kenneth Gent, GCL 2014, from Chile for the impact he has generated in the Latin American region through his project "Plan Pais: Aprendo Jugando" and his work as General Manager of Momento Cero (Mo.0) and President of Fundación Entrepreneur (FE).

Learn More about GCL Impact Award 2021
Photo of Diego Irazabal (ILG 2014, Uruguay), the first ILG Impact Award winner

ILG Impact Award 2021

The ILG Impact Award was created by Georgetown University’s Latin America Leadership Program and the ILG Alumni Network to recognize Innovation and Leadership in Government Program (ILG) alumni who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the public sector in Latin America through innovative projects supporting the ILG Program mission. We are very proud to announce that Diego Irazabal, ILG 2014 from Uruguay, was awarded the 2020 ILG Impact Award.

Learn More about ILG Impact Award 2021

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Georgetown University’s Latin America Leadership Program particularly thanks the Latin American Board and the LALP Advisory Committee, as well as all the sponsors and donors who have supported our programs throughout the years and helped LALP connect and empower the next generation of Latin American leadership in action.

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