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Sebastian Palacios

May 5, 2021

Sebastian Palacios, ILG 2019, named new Minister of Sports in Ecuador

On Monday, April 26, 2021, Sebastián Palacios - ILG 2019 from Ecuador - was appointed Minister of Sports by the president-elect of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso. The former student of Georgetown University´s Latin America Leadership Program will take on this new challenge as of May 24. 

I believe that sport can change lives and transform an entire country!

From that space, he will continue working for Ecuadorian sports, especially in these three areas:

1. Sport as a development tool
We will guarantee - through sport - the well-being of the population, their physical and mental health, the inclusion of the most vulnerable groups, gender equality, and sustainable development. We are convinced of the multiplier impact of sport in the health, social, economic, tourist, and environmental fields.

2. Ecuador, sports power
We will permanently support our athletes with a training level and high performance, including athletes with disabilities, providing them with all the necessary resources to meet their goals. We will promote the High-Performance Plan and we will administer it technically; at the same time, we will develop a program for the detection and accompaniment of talents at the training level.

3. An efficient, restructured, and depoliticized sports ministry!
Ecuadorian sports will once again have a ministry to support it, in which resources will be handled in a responsible and transparent manner. We will simplify the internal and external processes of this institution, our services will be agile and efficient.

Professional profile
Degree in International Relations and Degree in Finance from the San Francisco de Quito University. He has a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the Camilo José Cela University and a Diploma in Leadership and Innovation from Georgetown University in the United States. He has held positions as Coordinator of International Civil Registry Management, External Consultant of the Organization of American States (OAS), Metropolitan Director of Management in the Territory of the Municipality of Quito, and National Assemblyman. He is also a member of the Red Innovation & Leadership in Government Program (ILG), Member of the World Front of Young Parliamentarians, Member of the consultative group "The Master Plan" of the United Nations Organization, Founder of the Consultative Committee "Ecuador is Sports", Founder of the Parliamentary Group for the Inclusion, Massification, and Strengthening of Sports, Defender of Human Rights and Former National Bicicross Team.

We will work, hand in hand, with the private sector and promote international cooperation alliances to provide greater opportunities for our athletes."