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LALP 2019-2020 Annual Report

This 2019-2020 annual report of Georgetown University's Latin America Leadership Program (LALP) highlights LALP's continuous engagement with the region. The report offers a glimpse of our flagship and custom offerings, the impact of our alumni in the region, and the public dialogues that we co-hosted addressing key themes of governance and the rule of law, economic growth, and social and cultural inclusion that drive the university's engagement with Latin America.



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As we entered our 2019-2020 academic year, little could we imagine that we would be living through one of the greater global disruptions of our lifetimes. But despite the challenges, Georgetown University's Latin America Leadership Program (LALP) was not only able to smooth away the challenges but come up with new initiatives to support and keep our growing alumni network connected through the new times.

Before the pandemic, LALP closed 2019 with three unique programs on campus to activate principled and effective leadership in the public sector. These included the sixth edition of our Innovation and Leadership in Government Program (ILG), a three-week intensive program at Georgetown that welcomed 26 public managers from 10 Latin American countries, and we hosted two custom programs in collaboration with Fundacion Botin in Spain and the Barna School of Business in the Dominican Republic.

Then 2020 arrived. With it, we kicked off the fourteenth edition of our Global Competitiveness Leadership Program (GCL), with 36 young leaders from Latin America and Spain, who brought with them many great expectations as we looked forward to a new decade of opportunities for the region. But, as many others experienced, from one day to another, we had to move our in-person instruction to virtual learning and abruptly bade farewell to a fantastic group of individuals as they returned to their countries through impending travel restrictions.

Nevertheless, with every crisis, there comes new ways of thinking. Thus, we opened applications for a new virtual edition of our ILG program and launched two webinar series with renowned experts and LALP alumni to reflect on the past, present, and future of the region and to suggest frameworks to move forward.

Almost 15 years after our first program launched, thanks to our Latin American Board and Advisory Committee members' guidance and support, more than 600 leaders of the region have passed through our flagship programs, which join the many others who participated in our custom programs and events. Our alumni continue to positively impact the lives of many, promoting Jesuit values of cura personalis (care of the whole person) and women and men for others, and activating the mindset that the region can achieve great things by working together. Therefore, we will continue to move forward because our program participants and alumni inspire us every day and guide the new generation of leaders of the region. Thank you to all those who support us and collaborate with us every year to make our programs possible. 

Ricardo Ernst
LALP Executive Director



LALP Event Series

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Man on bicycle in empty Paseo de la Refoma in Mexico City
Latin America: Leading the Road Ahead

COVID-19 has triggered severe health, economic, human, and political crisis throughout the world. Latin America must lead the road ahead through international cooperation, high impact initiatives from both public and private sectors, policymaking, and collaboration from all sectors including academia and civil society. Joint cooperation among nations has never been as important as today. 

Through our LALP Alumni Webinar Series, "Latin America: Leading the Road Ahead," our goal is to strengthen international cooperation, promote the exchange of best practices and knowledge among countries to mitigate COVID-19, and support our almost 700 alumni within the whole Ibero-American region.

Wooden building blocks with hand holding "Post COVID-19" bridge
The Americas: Building the Future Together

The COVID-19 crisis is affecting the world in unprecedented ways, stretching thin the resources of both the public and private sectors and exposing the long-standing tensions and growing edges of political and economic models. Latin America, in particular, has seen much of its hard-earned recent growth and democratization called into question, and the countries in the region have responded with widely differing policy measures. 

This webinar series sought to uncover trends and divergences across the hemisphere, aiming to identify opportunities and best practices that can foster future growth and inclusion in the Americas. The series was co-sponsored with the Center for Latin American Studies at Georgetown University.

Latin America: Leading the World Ahead

Latin America: Leading the World Ahead Video Player

Representatives from key international organizations discussed the role of multilateral organizations during and after the COVID-19 crisis, the different measures countries are taking to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and presented some of their recommendations for policy-making and international cooperation to lead the road ahead. 

Joint cooperation among nations has never been as important as today. This event featured digital experts from the multilateral, public, and private sectors to share their perspectives on how Latin America can lead the digital transformation in this new reality. 

The third webinar featured members of the LALP alumni network from Argentina, Mexico, Panama, and Uruguay who are leading some of their country's efforts against this pandemic. 

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The Americas: Building the Future Together

The Americas: Building the Future Together Video Player

This webinar sought to understand the opportunities for innovation that this disruptive moment may offer. It brought together academic and business experts to assess how the business and government sectors might seize this moment to foster growth and innovation for Latin America. 

Latin America has seen much of its hard-earned recent growth and democratization called into question by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the countries in the region have responded with widely differing policy measures. This webinar brought together regional leaders to examine how the political status quo has been disrupted in the region, especially as governments seek to provide adequate health care, business and employment support, and security. 

The societal fractures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic—coupled with concurrent crises in the areas of racial justice, gender and sexual equality, and democracy—have prompted regional leaders in Latin America to find creative ways to tackle the problems these global upheavals have laid bare. Webinar panelists discussed the challenges that social movements and indigenous groups have faced in terms of health, economic stability, and social inclusion, as well as the creative ways that groups have organized and expressed themselves. 

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Other LALP Events

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Vanessa de la Torre
Vanessa de la Torre (G’11): “Love Stories in War Fields”

In her book, Love Stories in War Fields, Center for Latin American Studies alumna Vanessa de la Torre (G'11) gathers the testimonies of six extraordinary women, who ended up being victims of an armed conflict that they thought would never end. At this Georgetown conversation she highlighted some of the incredible and memorable love stories included in the book.

Gabriella Gomez-Mónt
Innovation From Within a Mega-City: In Conversation with Gabriella Gomez-Mónt

This dialogue with Gabriella Gómez-Mont explored new modalities of data-enabled citizen engagement in Mexico City and beyond. Gómez-Mont is the former chief creative officer for the Municipality of Mexico City and the founder and director of Laboratorio Para la Cuidad (LabCDMX), a research-and-action agency within the municipal government. Projects implemented under her leadership include place-based civic initiatives, crowd-sourced mapping of informal urban systems, and the participatory drafting of the first constitution of Mexico City, a process which retired Mexico City's status as a federal district.

Alumni Community

Message from LALP Alumni Presidents

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Adolfo Arguello

Dear Latin American and Caribbean community, it is a pleasure as always to greet you. I would like to share with you that this year, we, as the ILG alumni network, committed ourselves to establish closer ties with the GCL alumni network, as we plan our next alumni reunions jointly featuring both the GCL and ILG programs. At the same time, the ILG2019 cohort arrived to DC with great enthusiasm to reenergize the spirit of the alumni network and of the program in the region. Together, we confirmed that exercising leadership is not about being heroic. Committing ourselves to the day-to-day hardships and to the long-term work of making progress on an adaptive challenge is heroic. I am convinced that we are moving in the right direction with great efforts, and collectively consolidating our Latin American dream.

Adolfo Arguello (ILG 2016, Mexico), President of the ILG Alumni Network 2018-2020

Laura Paonessa

It is in times of adversity that communities become more important. During the pandemic, the GCL alumni grew to become a big family. From the GCL alumni network, we have accompanied and welcomed the GCL2020 participants so that their unexpected return to their countries was smoother. We leveraged the digital networks to generate alumni spaces such as Q'imi from Peru and developed personal development sessions to provide support and connections to our peers in times of pandemic. We consolidated GCL alumni projects to have a greater impact in each of our countries in the region. It gives me a sense of pride to see the collaboration and response of each and every one.

Laura Paonessa (GCL 2016, Argentina), President of GCL Alumni Network 2018-2021

Allison Silva

GCL Impact Award 2020: Allison Silva

Through her foundation Emprender Futuro, Allison Silva (GCL 2009, Bolivia) has been a catalyst for the development of new opportunities in Bolivia with scale-up entrepreneurship and women in tech education.

Learn More about GCL Impact Award 2020: Allison Silva

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