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Photo of the book Ideas for Argentina 2030

July 23, 2019

"Ideas for Argentina 2030," Antonio Beun GCL 2015

The publication is an initiative of GCL 2015 alum Antonio Beun for the Argentina 2030 Program of the Presidency of the Nation and Cabinet Headquarters, a program led by Director Iván Petrella (Georgetown University alum) and coordinated by Pablo Marzocca.

Ideas for Argentina 2030 compiles 50 diverse and complementary texts by young Argentinean experts, who address topics such as Artificial Intelligence and digital rights, the future of work and cities, democracy and political representation, journalism and the media, all crossed by a gender perspective and the impact of new technologies, while answering the question: what should we be discussing today vis a vis Argentina 2030? Other GCL alumni such as Melina Masnatta (GCL 2017 and GCL Impact Award 2019 Winner) and Fernando Giménez Zapiola (GCL 2015) have also collaborated in the book. Fernando Gimenez Zapiola was interviewed for the national radio channel about the educational model based on the training and skill development of teachers. Listen to the broadcast here. President Mauricio Macri met with some of the co-authors of the book, including GCL alum Melina Masnata. Read the news here.

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Source: Red de Antiguos Alumnos GCL