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GCL and ILG Alumni in Georgetown celebrating their 2022 Annual Reunion


The Latin America Leadership Program (LALP) supports its flagship programs's alumni networks (GCL alumni, ILG alumni, GBEL alumni) that are active agents of change throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Members of these networks collaborate and exchange knowledge and ideas across programs, generations, countries, and sectors, creating a regional impact platform with a multiplier effect throughout the region.


2024 GCL Alumni Reunion, Quito, Ecuador - November 5-7, 2024 (potential alumni trip to Galapagos or Amazonia, November 8-10)

2024 ILG Alumni Reunion, Lima, Peru - November 12-15, 2024 

Stay tuned for registration links and reunion agendas. If you want to support the organization of these events, reach out to

Measuring Our Impact

Strategic Litigation guide against gender political violence in Ecuador, Litigate and judge with a gender perspective

Ana Fatima Lopez Iturrios, ILG 2023, Mexico, collaborated in this new strategic litigation guide against gender political violence in Ecuador with her ILG mentor Mónica Banegas, ILG 2021, Ecuador. This guide aims to support and foster expert networks to continue providing targeted initiatives to…

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