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ILG Alumni Reunion participants, September 2018


The Latin America Leadership Program (LALP) supports GCL and ILG alumni networks that are active agents of change throughout Latin America. Members of these networks interact and constitute a platform with multiplier effect throughout the region.

Measuring Our Impact

Anyela Hurtado, GCL 2019 from Panama

Watch videos of GCL 2019 students talking about their GCL experience. Featured: Anyela Hurtado (Panama), Ivan Matovich (Argentina), Jennifer Ponce (Peru), Lorena Gomez (Colombia), Rafael Ottaiano (Brazil), and Sebastian Flores (Ecuador).

Photo of the book Ideas for Argentina 2030

Ideas for Argentina 2030, edited by GCL 2015 alum Antonio Beun, compiles 50 diverse and complementary texts by young Argentinean experts, including two GCL alumni, who answer the question: what should we be discussing today vis a vis Argentina 2030?

Nicolas Albertoni GCL 2012 Uruguay

GCL 2012 from Uruguay, Nicolas Albertoni, presents his new book Uruguay Como Solución on how to achieve consensuses and move from intention to action for a more prosperous Uruguay and Latin American region. This book was awarded the GCL Seal 2019.

ILG alumni visiting the IMF Lab

ILG alumni will travel to Cali this September for their 5th annual reunion, which will focus on "Migration Crisis in Latin America: Roads to Change." GCL alumni are also invited to join in and attend all public events. 

Logo GCL Alumni Network

The GCL community is proudly working with the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) to support the Talent and Innovation Competition of the Americas (TIC Americas 2019) through thematic webinars and as a jury of the finalist projects.

GCL 2019 alumni Paula Mosera, Gustavo Rodriguez and Francisco Abad

On May 23-24, 2019, GCL 2019 alums Paula Mosera (Uruguay), Gustavo Rodriguez (Mexico), and Francisco Abad (Ecuador) successfully implemented the social entrepreneurship workshop “Innovating in Civil Society” in Tampico, Mexico. The workshop was organized by Fundación Fleishman and GT Global.

Waldemar Peralta (ILG 2017, Bolivia)

Waldemar Peralta (ILG 2017, Bolivia) recently published his book "Elefantes en Tarija" in which he applies some of the tools learned during the Innovation & Leadership in Government Program (ILG) of Georgetown University's Latin America Leadership Program.

Manuel Carranza presenting Lideroamerica at the Riggs Library

GCL alum Manuel Carranza presented the book Lideroamerica, Lessons on Leadership in Latin America, a project by GCL 2018 alumni Bryan Avendaño  (Colombia), Gabriela Vallejo (Ecuador), Manuel Carranza (El Salvador), Alvaro Gonzalez (Venezuela).

GCL 2019 with LALP & MSB Exec Ed Teams

The Global Competitiveness Leadership Program 2019 graduation took place at the Riggs Library on Friday, March 29. Thirty-six participants from 15 Ibero-American countries graduated from this 10-week program which aims to empower emerging leaders to become strong agents of change in Latin America.

cartoon of women pulling the lever

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) recognized four GCL alumni who are leading technology education in Latin America: Daniela Galindo Bermúdez (GCL 2016, Colombia), Mercedes Werner (GCL 2014, Argentina), Allison Silva (GCL 2009, Bolivia), and Gabriela Gaona (GCL 2019, Paraguay).

GCL 2019 participants

On Tuesday, January 22, 2019, the Latin America Leadership Program welcomed to its Global Competitiveness Leadership Program (GCL) 36 young leaders from 15 Ibero-American countries, who developed and advanced their GCL projects to implement in their countries at the end of the program.

Joined arms to create impact

LALP opened nominations for the GCL Impact Award 2019. Former winners included GCL alumni David Smolansky (Venezuela), Soledad Nuñez (Paraguay), Pablo Jaramillo (Colombia), Alvaro Henzler (Peru), Felipe Dib (Brazil), and Alejandro Barja (Bolivia). 

New GCL Alumni App

The new app for GCL alumni is now available. GCL alumni can download the app for Android or for Apple and login in with their credentials to update their profiles and include information on their current projects. 

Juan Sebastian Rozo Rengifo

On April 26, 2018, Juan Sebastián Rozo Rengifo (ILG 2017) was commissioned as minister of information and communication technologies (MINTIC) of Colombia.  Previously, he served as vice-minister of connectivity and digitalization.

GCL 2018 Graduation

The graduation took place at the Riggs Library last March 29. Thirty-four participants from 19 countries graduated from this 10-week program that empowers emerging leaders to become agents of change in Latin America. Welcome to the GCL Network!

David Smolansky poses in his former office

Smolansky’s efforts for the defense of democracy and human rights have inspired many in Venezuela and around the world. They are a clear example of GCL's mission to generate positive change with a multiplier effect in the region.

AsiaGlobal Fellowship Awardees

ILG 2016 Alumnus was awarded the AsiaGlobal Fellowship by the Asia Global Institute at the University of Hong Kong. Adolfo Argüello was part of the inaugural thirteen-week residential program for up to 16 mid-career international professionals.