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ILG Alumni Reunion participants, September 2018


The Latin America Leadership Program (LALP) supports GCL and ILG alumni networks that are active agents of change throughout Latin America. Members of these networks interact and constitute a platform with a multiplier effect throughout the region.

Measuring Our Impact

Melina Lopez with her 2023 Out & Equal Excellence Award

On May 3, 2023, Melina Lopez, GCL 2023 alumna from Brazil/Argentina and Product & Inclusion Marketing Manager at Google, received the 2023 Excellence Award from Out & Equal in recognition of her efforts to accelerate bold and innovative pathways to generate equity in the workplace.

Patricio Bichara

Pao Bichara (GCL 2009, Mexico) has been recognized by the prestigious Mexican magazine Expansion as one of the 30 business promises of 2023. Pato is an alumnus of the 2009 cohort of Georgetown University's Global Competitiveness Leadership Program (GCL). This recognition is due to his outstanding…

Ecuadorian Minister of Sports Sebastián Palacios

Ecuadorian Minister of Sports Sebastián Palacios, an alumnus of the 2019 Innovation and Leadership in Government Program (ILG), has been awarded the 2023 ILG Impact Award, which recognizes the extraordinary reach of ILG alumni through public and social innovation initiatives in the Latin American…

Andrea Burt, 2023 GCL Impact Award Winner

Andrea Burt, GCL 2012 from Paraguay, has been awarded the GCL Impact Award 2023. This award is in recognition of her long-standing career advancing social causes, such as Sonidos de la Tierra, Techo, Donate your Bicycle, and the expansion of B Corps in Paraguay and across Latin America.

Dani Tricarico, GCL 2021

Dani Tricarico (GCL 2021) was named as one of the 200 innovative faces that are accelerating the transition to the future in Chile and Latin America by "El Mercurio". Dani is the founder and CEO of IMPACTLATAM, a Latin American startup accelerator platform with triple impact that focuses on…

Isabel Fiafilio, President ILG Alumni Network 2022-2024

On December 9 and 10, 2022, members of the alumni network of the Innovation and Leadership in Government (ILG) Program, made up of 233 public innovators in the region to date, voted to elect the positions of President and Vice President of the network for the period 2022-2024. These positions, which…

Attendees of the 2022 LALP Alumni Reunion Event in the stairs of the Hariri Building

From October 27 through October 29, 2022, Georgetown University's Latin America Leadership Program (LALP) welcomed to campus over 120 LALP alumni spanning the 25 generations of LALP flagship programs. Since their inception, the Global Competitiveness Leadership (GCL) and Innovation and Leadership in…

LALP alumni posing in front of event banner at Foro Valparaiso

Miguel Martinez, GCL 2022, from Foro Valparaiso Mexico, in collaboration with Mario Romero, GCL 2007 and Managing Director of Impact Hub Mexico, organized the  Conference titled "Leadership for the Future" for program participants of "Youth Building the Future.” This event, which was held on August…

Luis Enrique Flórez, GCL 2019, Peru

Luis Enrique Flórez, GCL 2019, Peru, shares with LALP this initiative that he directs. La Mexcladora brings together the academia, Habitat for Humanity, and seven large organizations from the construction and real estate sectors in Peru to close the housing gap, improve industry productivity and…

The Georgetown Americas Table monthly interview series elevates the voices of creative leaders across the region—a mix of established and emergent change-makers wrestling with political, economic, and social problems and optimistic about the future. In this episode, Muni Jensen interviews GCL Impact…

Jenifer Colpas

Jenifer Colpas, GCL 2019 from Colombia, has been awarded the 2022 GCL Impact Award. Her GCL project Tierra Grata, which she co-founded, provides portable sanitation, energy, and water infrastructure solutions to remote and vulnerable communities in the Caribbean and Pacific regions of Colombia…

Carina Silva, GCL 2020

Carina Silva, GCL 2020 from Uruguay, is the new President of the GCL Alumni Network. She is joined by Camilo Santa (GCL 2015, Colombia), Karen Dupont (GCL 2021, Mexico), Gustavo Rodriguez (GCL 2019, Mexico), and Jose Benages (GCL 2009, Bolivia).

Members of the GCL Alumni Executive Council 2018-2021 and the GCL Alumni Network logo

Learn about 2019-2021 GCL Alumni Network initiatives that aimed to strengthen the Global Competitiveness Leadership Program (GCL), the multiplier effect of the GCL projects, and the ties between the GCL alumni and the various networks of leaders across the region.

Juan Fernandez, ILG 2016

Juan Fernandez, ILG 2016 from Venezuela, was awarded the ILG Impact Award 2021, an award that recognizes the extraordinary impact of LALP's Innovation and Leadership in Government Program alumni across the region. Finalists included projects by alumni from Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico.

Cristhian Ortiz

Cristhian Ortiz Elizarbe (GCL 2021, Peru) was recognized this past September at the World Agility Forum (WAF) Awards 2021 as part of the Community Organization category. WAF 2021 is a global event that recognizes worldwide high-impact innovation initiatives that use agile frameworks and generate a…

Magis Exchange participants posing for the photo

The program was designed with the support of GCL 2019 alumnus Ignacio Garrido Cruz based on his Global Competitiveness Leadership Program experience. IAJU Magis Exchange launched during the summer of 2020 with the participation of 28 Jesuit universities from all around the world. In 2021, it will…

Nicolás Albertoni

The Business Research Lab, BRLab, is a project of the Catholic University of Uruguay, UCU, led by GCL 2012 alumnus Nicolas Albertoni, in association with the Security and Political Economy Lab of the University of Southern California. The project has received the GCL Seal, a recognization awarded to…

Daniel Tricarico

Daniel Tricarico, GCL 2021 for Argentina, was featured in the 2021 edition of the Junior Chamber International (JCI) that, every year, recognizes worldwide citizens that have had a positive impact in their communities. 

Sebastian Palacios ILG 2019 alumnus

On Monday, April 26, 2021, Sebastián Palacios - ILG 2019 from Ecuador - was appointed Minister of Sports by the president-elect of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso. The former student of Georgetown University´s Latin America Leadership Program will take on this new challenge as of May 24.

last year´s participants to the 360 Women and Tech Forum with Allison Silva

The Women and Technology Forum, a GCL Seal program led by Allison Silva (Bolivia), winner of the 2020 GCL Impact Award, held its fourth edition virtually on May 5, 2021. The forum featured presentations by local and international women leaders, who lead or have developed science and technology…

Francisco Abad

In April 2021, the Corporación para el Desarrollo del Emprendimiento y la Innovación Social (Codeis), was announced as one of the winners of the #BetterTogether Challenge, an IDB and USAID initiative.

Kenneth Gent, GCL 2014, Chile

The GCL Impact Award was created by Georgetown University’s Latin America Leadership Program and the LALP Advisory Committee to recognize a GCL alumni who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in promoting the multiplier effect in the Latin American region. Today, we are very proud to announce

ILG 2020 participants during live virtual orientation session

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, LALP redesigned its Innovation and Leadership in Government program for ILG 2020 to allow public managers to respond to the crisis from their own countries while ensuring the same level of academics, experiential learning, and networking opportunities. For ILG

Georgetown Healy tower

This year, the Alumni networks of the GCL and ILG programs will host their first joint annual reunion between the 18 and 20 of November, under the slogan “Building the GCL & ILG community to impact the Iberoamerican Region”.

Alberto Belaunde

The Congress of the Republic of Peru approved Alberto de Belaunde bill (GCL 2015) that provides legal identity to companies with a purpose (benefit societies and collective interest). These companies bring a new business paradigm, where, together with the profit motive, the aim is to contribute to…

Logo Mapeo TIC Bolivia

Emprender Futuro,  one of the initiatives of 2020 GCL Impact Award winner and 2009 GCL alumna Allison Silva joined forces with Funda-Pro, Fundacion Solydes, and BIM Asset Management for a second consecutive year to develop the Digital Technology Ecosystem Mapping for Bolivia.

Connecting GCL Projects with Georgetown Students

Carina Silva (GCL 2020, Uruguay) connected her GCL project Micro:bit with Georgetown's summer Virtual Internship & Experiential Work (VIEW) program, strengthening the university's ties with Uruguay this summer. The new VIEW program provides Georgetown university students with an opportunity to solve…

young women in front of a laptop

Chicas en Tecnologia, a GCL project launched by two GCL alumni, just launched Protagonists of the Future, a regional GCL initiative for young women of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay to foster a diverse Latin American community of women committed to transforming their reality…

Healy Hall Tower, Georgetown University

In 2020, LALP launched a new ILG Impact Award in line with its annual GCL Impact Award to specially recognize Innovation and Leadership in Government Program alumni who have demonstrated outstanding ILG leadership in the public sector in Latin America.

Katherine and Alessandra, co-founders of Q'imi Peru

The new representatives of GCL Peru, Katherine Alva (GCL2009), and Alessandra Calmell del Solar (GCL 2019) have designed, together with other GCL alumni, Q'imi GCL Peru. Katherine and Alessandra have launched this new initiative to promote synergies among the GCL alumni in Peru during the pandemic. …

A panoramic of an empty Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City and a person in a bike

The new webinar series Latin America: Leading the Road Ahead aims to strengthen international cooperation, promote the exchange of best practices and knowledge among countries to mitigate the effects of the pandemic, and provide support to our almost 700 LALP alumni throughout the Ibero-American…

Hands coming together

As COVID-19 cases continue to grow across borders, Latin America Leadership Program (LALP) alumni are taking on new initiatives to support their communities. From the most ambitious economic stimulus package in the region to local initiatives, these are just some of the many projects led by our…

snapshot of log in window of LALP alumni platform

LALP is bringing together its GCL and ILG alumni platforms into one new platform to promote the exchange of best practices and collaboration among alumni of both programs. This new LALP Alumni platform aims to foster more collaboration among alumni of both programs to generate a larger multiplier…

Promotional image ILG 2020

The call for applications for Innovation and Leadership in Government Program (ILG) 2020 is now open. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's ILG will be offered as a live virtual, part-time program, from September 21 through November 10, 2020, to facilitate the continuation of current…

Felipe Paullier

On March 1, 2020, GCL 2017 Felipe Paullier was inaugurated as the new Director of the National Institute of Youth in Uruguay. As the new Director for Youth Programs in Uruguay, Felipe is responsible for the government office that designs, coordinates, and executes public policies aimed at young…

Jose de la Gasca - souce El Universo

On January 17, 2020, the president of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, appointed GCL 2009 alumn José Javier de la Gasca López as the new Secretary for Anticorruption. In his new role, José will be responsible for designing new public policies to stop and denounce corruption cases.

Francisco Abad and the rest of the categories' award winners, Sustainable and Responsible Quito Award

The Corporation for Development of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CODEIS), a social enterprise founded and led by Ecuadorian GCL 2019 alum Francisco Abad, was awarded the Global Youth Empowerment Grant and recognized with the first place of the “Quito Sostenible y Responsable 2019" Prize.

ILG alumni attending 2019 ILG alumni reunion in Cali

The Innovation and Leadership in Government Program (ILG) of Georgetown University celebrated its fifth anniversary during its annual alumni reunion held at Santiago de Cali, one of the main cities in Colombia, also known as the “Sucursal del Cielo, ”on September 11, 12 and 13, 2019. Every year ILG

Daniel Escauriza, Agustin Pesce, Deninson Mendoza and Edgar Colman in Paraguay.

ILG 2019 alumni Deninson Mendoza (Colombia) and Agustin Pesce (Argentina) joined ILG 2019 Edgar Colman and other ILG 2019 alumni in Paraguay to share their experiences on financing and entrepreneurship assistance at the First National Summit of Entrepreneurs.

GCL Alumni in Brazil

The GCL Alumni Network celebrated its 10th year anniversary during its annual reunion in Brazil.  The program, which started on Wednesday, November 6, in Brasília followed by a 3-day program in Porto Alegre, included renowned speakers, a visit to Ling institute, and various sightseeing and…

Gabriel Rebollon and representatives of Pura Panama

More than 4,500 Panamanians benefit from the water filtration system distributed by the Pura Panama Project. The Pura Panama Project, a project co-funded by GCL 2018 Gabriel Rebollón, MD and Daniel Sessa, started in 2017 in the Republic of Panama intending to improve access and water quality in…

Mia Perdomo and Andrea de la Fuente, co-founders Aequales

In 2019, BBC featured two GCL2014 alumni, Mia Perdomo from Colombia and Andrea de la Piedra from Peru,  for their GCL project Aequales as one of the "101 Ways Work is Changing Today." Founded five years ago, Aequales launched the first-ever gender equality ranking system for companies in Latin…

Anyela Hurtado, GCL 2019 from Panama

Watch videos of GCL 2019 students talking about their GCL experience. Featured: Anyela Hurtado (Panama), Ivan Matovich (Argentina), Jennifer Ponce (Peru), Lorena Gomez (Colombia), Rafael Ottaiano (Brazil), and Sebastian Flores (Ecuador).

Photo of the book Ideas for Argentina 2030

Ideas for Argentina 2030, edited by GCL 2015 alum Antonio Beun, compiles 50 diverse and complementary texts by young Argentinean experts, including two GCL alumni, who answer the question: what should we be discussing today vis a vis Argentina 2030?

Nicolas Albertoni GCL 2012 Uruguay

GCL 2012 from Uruguay, Nicolas Albertoni, presents his new book Uruguay Como Solución on how to achieve consensuses and move from intention to action for a more prosperous Uruguay and Latin American region. This book was awarded the GCL Seal 2019.

ILG alumni visiting the IMF Lab

ILG alumni will travel to Cali this September for their 5th annual reunion, which will focus on "Migration Crisis in Latin America: Roads to Change." GCL alumni are also invited to join in and attend all public events. 

Logo GCL Alumni Network

The GCL community is proudly working with the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) to support the Talent and Innovation Competition of the Americas (TIC Americas 2019) through thematic webinars and as a jury of the finalist projects.

GCL 2019 alumni Paula Mosera, Gustavo Rodriguez and Francisco Abad

On May 23-24, 2019, GCL 2019 alums Paula Mosera (Uruguay), Gustavo Rodriguez (Mexico), and Francisco Abad (Ecuador) successfully implemented the social entrepreneurship workshop “Innovating in Civil Society” in Tampico, Mexico. The workshop was organized by Fundación Fleishman and GT Global.

Waldemar Peralta (ILG 2017, Bolivia)

Waldemar Peralta (ILG 2017, Bolivia) recently published his book "Elefantes en Tarija" in which he applies some of the tools learned during the Innovation & Leadership in Government Program (ILG) of Georgetown University's Latin America Leadership Program.

Manuel Carranza presenting Lideroamerica at the Riggs Library

GCL alum Manuel Carranza presented the book Lideroamerica, Lessons on Leadership in Latin America, a project by GCL 2018 alumni Bryan Avendaño  (Colombia), Gabriela Vallejo (Ecuador), Manuel Carranza (El Salvador), Alvaro Gonzalez (Venezuela).

GCL 2019 with LALP & MSB Exec Ed Teams

The Global Competitiveness Leadership Program 2019 graduation took place at the Riggs Library on Friday, March 29. Thirty-six participants from 15 Ibero-American countries graduated from this 10-week program which aims to empower emerging leaders to become strong agents of change in Latin America.

cartoon of women pulling the lever

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) recognized four GCL alumni who are leading technology education in Latin America: Daniela Galindo Bermúdez (GCL 2016, Colombia), Mercedes Werner (GCL 2014, Argentina), Allison Silva (GCL 2009, Bolivia), and Gabriela Gaona (GCL 2019, Paraguay).

GCL 2019 participants

On Tuesday, January 22, 2019, the Latin America Leadership Program welcomed to its Global Competitiveness Leadership Program (GCL) 36 young leaders from 15 Ibero-American countries, who developed and advanced their GCL projects to implement in their countries at the end of the program.

Joined arms to create impact

LALP opened nominations for the GCL Impact Award 2019. Former winners included GCL alumni David Smolansky (Venezuela), Soledad Nuñez (Paraguay), Pablo Jaramillo (Colombia), Alvaro Henzler (Peru), Felipe Dib (Brazil), and Alejandro Barja (Bolivia). 

New GCL Alumni App

The new app for GCL alumni is now available. GCL alumni can download the app for Android or for Apple and login in with their credentials to update their profiles and include information on their current projects. 

Juan Sebastian Rozo Rengifo

On April 26, 2018, Juan Sebastián Rozo Rengifo (ILG 2017) was commissioned as minister of information and communication technologies (MINTIC) of Colombia.  Previously, he served as vice-minister of connectivity and digitalization.

GCL 2018 Graduation

The graduation took place at the Riggs Library last March 29. Thirty-four participants from 19 countries graduated from this 10-week program that empowers emerging leaders to become agents of change in Latin America. Welcome to the GCL Network!

David Smolansky poses in his former office

Smolansky’s efforts for the defense of democracy and human rights have inspired many in Venezuela and around the world. They are a clear example of GCL's mission to generate positive change with a multiplier effect in the region.

AsiaGlobal Fellowship Awardees

ILG 2016 Alumnus was awarded the AsiaGlobal Fellowship by the Asia Global Institute at the University of Hong Kong. Adolfo Argüello was part of the inaugural thirteen-week residential program for up to 16 mid-career international professionals.