ILG Alumni Reunion participants, September 2018


The Latin America Leadership Program (LALP) supports GCL and ILG alumni networks that are active agents of change throughout Latin America. Members of these networks interact and constitute a platform with multiplier impact throughout the region.

Measuring Our Impact

Joined arms to create impact

The Latin America Leadership Program is accepting nominations for the GCL Impact Award 2019. Former GCL Impact Winners include David Smolansky (Venezuela), Soledad Nuñez (Paraguay), Pablo Jaramillo (Colombia), Alvaro Henzler (Peru), Felipe Dib (Brazil), and Alejandro Barja (Bolivia). 

GCL Alumni Recognized by Global Americans

Global Americans launched in 2018 the first edition of the New Generation of Public Intellectuals featuring GCL alumni whose experience and research have started to transcend public policy discourse in Latin America.  

New GCL Alumni App

The new app for GCL alumni is now available. GCL alumni can download the app for Android or for Apple and login in with their credentials to update their profiles and include information on their current projects. 

Juan Sebastian Rozo Rengifo

On April 26, 2018, Juan Sebastián Rozo Rengifo (ILG 2017 alum) was commissioned as minister of information and communication technologies (MINTIC) of Colombia.  Previously, he served as vice-minister of connectivity and digitalization.

GCL 2018 Graduation

The graduation took place at the Riggs Library last March 29. Thirty-four participants from 19 countries graduated from this 10-week program that empowers emerging leaders to become agents of change in Latin America. Welcome to the GCL Network!

David Smolansky poses in his former office

Smolansky’s efforts for the defense of democracy and human rights have inspired many in Venezuela and around the world. They are a clear example of GCL's mission to generate positive change with a multiplier effect in the region.

AsiaGlobal Fellowship Awardees

ILG 2016 Alumnus was awarded the AsiaGlobal Fellowship by the Asia Global Institute at the University of Hong Kong. Adolfo Argüello was part of the inaugural thirteen-week residential program for up to 16 mid-career international professionals.