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ILG Alumni Network

Since its inception in 2014, the Innovation and Leadership in Government Program (ILG) has equipped 264 public, multilateral, and social managers from 20 Latin American countries with analytical frameworks and tools to generate and implement innovative public policies in their respective countries. 

The ILG Alumni Network is a student-led initiative that serves to unite and connect all ILG alumni throughout the years and foster links with other Georgetown University's Latin America Leadership Program alumni. The network aims to promote governability and innovation in the region by organizing and hosting local events and strengthening collaboration amongst alumni beyond their time at Georgetown.

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Board ILG Alumni Network 2022-2024

President: Isabel Fiafilio (ILG 2020, Peru)

Vicepresident: Ana Romina Sarmiento (ILG 2019, Argentina)

Members of the Board:
Andrés Vázquez  ILG 2014 (Paraguay)
Rodrigo Aybar ILG 2014 (Argentina)
Susana Porras  ILG 2015 (Colombia)
Humberto Villalobos ILG  2016  (Panamá)
Carlos Mendoza ILG  2017 (Chile)
Vania García ILG 2018 (Honduras)
Ana Núñez  ILG 2018 (Perú)
Fiorella Guevara ILG 2019 (Perú)
Luz Paola Sánchez ILG 2019 (Paraguay)
Nancy Espinoza  ILG  2020 (Perú)
Santiago García ILG 2020 (Paraguay)
Lucila Prezzavento ILG2021 (Argentina)
Iván Pestaña ILG 2021 (España)
David Castellanos ILG 2022  (Honduras)
Ledenika Méndez ILG 2023 (México)
Vicente Taiano ILG 2023 (Ecuador)

Past Participant Testimonials

"ILG allowed me to join a network of agents of change who are working to improve the realities of their own countries, and are determined to do so with exceptional values. Generating a synergy of ideas at a global level and acting locally is what unites participants throughout the program." — Ignacio Maldonado Yonna, ILG 2016, Department of Coordination and Planning, Corrientes Province, Argentina

"The ILG program is very valuable for the training of leaders. The program provides participants with tools to maximize their strengths, come up with new collaborative visions, and have a more effective impact in the transformation of their realities. Sharing successful and innovative experiences with other countries in the region contributes to the development and strengthening of our communities." — Ingrid S. Valencia Barreto, ILG 2014, Colombian Ombudsman's Office, Training for Citizen Participation, Colombia