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GCL Alumni Network

The GCL Alumni Network is a student-led initiative that serves to unite and connect all Global Competitiveness Leadership Program (GCL) alumni throughout the years and foster links with other Georgetown alumni. The network aims to promote competitiveness in the region by organizing and hosting local events and strengthening the collaboration among alumni beyond their time at Georgetown.

The Global Competitiveness Leadership Program (GCL) was founded in 2007. Since its inception, GCL has welcomed 600 emerging leaders from 22 Latin American countries. GCL participants have generated hundreds of initiatives to date and impacted more than 2.7 million people in the region.

GCL represents a life-changing experience for its participants and fosters a tight-knit and dynamic network of innovative leaders that supports positive transformation in Latin America.

Board GCL Alumni Network 2022-2024


Carina Silva (GCL 2020, Uruguay)

Board members:

Jose Benages (GCL 2009, Bolivia)

Karen Dupont (GCL 2021, Mexico)

Gustavo Rodriguez (GCL 2019, Mexico)

Camilo Santa (GCL 2015, Colombia)

GCL Alumni Testimonials

​GCL gave me the tools to understand leadership, and inspired me to create conscious, committed-driven, and long-lasting impact in the region." - Melina Masnatta, Argentina, GCL Impact Award 2019

"GCL has been a great inspiration in my life and gave me the motivation to tackle significant challenges in my professional career. Having lived the GCL experience was definitely crucial in my decision to get involved and to transform the public sector." — Soledad Nuñez, Paraguay, GCL Impact Award 2017

"Thanks to the GCL Program, I had the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. This experience has truly changed my life. Every moment was fantastic and unique. It was fascinating to learn from my classmates' diverse experiences in the private, social and political sectors. It was great to share the same passion and enthusiasm for changing the world. I am highly committed to building a better world and making a social impact." — Allison Silva, Bolivia

"GCL was an amazing experience with the best talent from Latin America, Portugal and Spain. Studying at Georgetown was a blessing, really! If you do not want changes in your life and career, do not apply to this program!" — Felipe Dib, Brazil, GCL Impact Award 2014

"GCL seeks to train the future generation of social, political and business leaders. By participating in this program, I have had the opportunity to share the enthusiasm, dedication and passion of my classmates, professors and staff which have made this an enriching and unforgettable experience." — Víctor Hugo Malagón, Colombia

"The GCL Program has expanded my world-view. To be in one of the best universities in the world, studying and surrounded by invaluable classmates who represent most of our Latin American countries, has been one of the best experiences of my life." — Mauricio Vega Lemus, Colombia

"A single person can trigger a huge change in society. It is a complex task to acquire the needed consistency and perseverance to chase and achieve your goals. GCL gives the participants the right tools to focus on what you really need to work on. Georgetown University, the teachers, GCL's staff, and your fellow participants are just the perfect combination to bring out the best of you. It is a life changing experience. Ignite your dreams!" — Andrés Arens, Ecuador

"GCL is a program that has given me the tools I needed to become an agent of change. It is a unique experience in which I have seen a significant personal change. Thanks to the GCL Program, I have changed my vision of Latin America and the world. Studying at a university like Georgetown has been one of the best experiences of my life. It has helped me create a powerful network of friends who are leaders throughout Latin America and learn from excellent professors. Thanks to the GCL Program and its fellows, I have come to know my purpose in life and how to achieve it." — Magdalena Comas, Spain

10 weeks ... 10 weeks ago a transformative experience began for each one of us. No one imagined that in 10 weeks we could question so many things, we could establish such deep relations and we could feel so many emotions. 10 intense weeks, which happened too fast, but left a very big mark, which I dare to say will be for life." Paula Mosera (GCL 2019, Uruguay). Read her full graduation speech here.