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About the GCL Seal

The GCL Seal is a certificate of excellence given by Georgetown University's Latin America Leadership Program (LALP) to projects and initiatives led by its Global Competitiveness Leadership Program (GCL) alumni that have excelled in creating social impact and a multiplier effect in the region.

The GCL Seal was created by Georgetown University's Latin America Leadership Program to promote the multiplier effect generated by GCL program alumni. It is meant to expand Georgetown University's reach throughout the Latin American region and support the projects and organizations created by GCL alumni. The GCL Seal promotes the spirit of the GCL program, including collaboration, social impact, and integral development. The use of the GCL Seal is valid for one year. Alumni will be responsible for the renewal every year.

There is a year-round open call for GCL alumni who want to submit their projects for review. 

To apply for the first time or renew your GCL Seal certification, please fill out an application at LALP Alumni Melian.  

Some of projects that have received GCL Seals in the past include:

  • Bolivia Emprende: An NGO founded by GCL alumna Allison Silva that promotes entrepreneurship in Bolivia and the Latin American Region; more specifically, it informs and supports Bolivian microenterprises and companies by the means of technology, innovation, and leadership. It received its GCL Seal in 2013.
  • Defiende Venezuela: A legal group founded by GCL alumna Genesis Davila that defends human rights in Venezuela by promoting formal complaints to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, as well as legally defending plaintiffs. Genesis Davila's non-profit received the GCL Seal in 2017 and 2018.
  • Libro y Becas, "Aprender Jugando": GCL alumna Carolina Escallón is part of the team of this non-profit, which seeks to provide access and educate about the "Aprender Jugando" (Learning by Playing) methodology. By teaching this methodology, the non-profit intends to form agents of change to promote a cycle of learning in the region. It received its GCL Seal in 2016.
  • RAIS - Red de Aprendizaje de Innovación Social: RAIS is a network for the learning of social innovation. Six GCL alumni from different generations work together in RAIS to create a regional network that teaches and provides tools useful for the implementation of innovative concepts. In 2015 it received the GCL Seal certification.
  • Você Aprende Agora: Founded by GCL alumni Felipe Dib and Felipe Gonzalez, this non-profit provides free online lessons on the English language and leadership to all Portuguese speakers (from Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and others) to enable these populations to connect with other people, jobs, and opportunities. It received its GCL Seal in 2011 and has grown enormously, reaching more than 20 million lessons in 181 countries to date.
  • Global Impact Leadership Program (PLIG): A project of Felipe Paullier, dedicated to the promotion and development of a new generation of young leaders that are innovative and socially committed to Uruguay. It received the GCL Seal in 2017.
  • GCL 2018 alumni, María Alejandra López, from Colombia, leads the efforts of expanding, a FinTech Company in Latin America in order to support the soft-landing of start-ups and co-investment in the region. is a financial platform that provides venture capital market data and professional management tools to investors, accelerators and governments. received the GCL Seal in 2018.
  • Sangre Panamá: An initiative by Panama GCL 2018 Alumnus, Gabriel Rebollón, that organizes blood drives in schools, universities, and companies in his home country to educate communities about the importance of voluntary blood donation. It received the GCL Seal in 2018.
  • Dawere: An initiative by  GCL 2018 Alumnus Álvaro González from Venezuela, dedicated to developing e-learning solutions to modernize educational systems in Latin America. It received the GCL Seal in 2018 and 2019.
  • Lideroamerica: A publication project featuring some of the greatest leaders of the region today to inspire the new minds of tomorrow. Led by  GCL 2018 Alumni Bryan Avendaño (Colombia), Gabriela Vallejo (Ecuador), Manuel Carranza (El Salvador), Alvaro Gonzalez (Venezuela). GCL Seal granted in 2019.
  • El Descuentazo: An app project led by GCL 2018 Manuel Carranza to provide a secondary market for about-to-expire food on sale in El Salvador. GCL Seal granted in 2019. 
  • Uruguay Como Solución: A book by GCL 2012 Nicolas Albertoni from Uruguay on how to achieve consensuses and move from intention to action for a more prosperous Uruguay and Latin American region. GCL Seal granted in 2019.
  • Rafik: A project led by Gustavo Rodriguez, GCL 2019 from Mexico, a legal online SaaS platform that offers Latin American companies and entrepreneurs access to advanced integrated tech solutions and trusted legal experts for streamlined business operations.

About the GCL Seal Document