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Emilio E. Rescigno (ILG 2017, Argentina) presenting his case during ILG 2017

April 22, 2019

A Case Study "Casas de la Producción" - Emilio E. Rescigno (ILG 2017)

Emilio E. Rescigno, (ILG 2017, Argentina), Bachelor of Political Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires and Master in Public Policy from the Torcuato Di Tella University, served as National Director of Productive Articulation (2015-2018) where he was responsible for designing and implementing multilevel articulation programs for productive development at the local level, such as the program "Casas de la Producción in Argentina".

"Casas de la Producción" are centers of the National Ministry of Production in Argentina, distributed throughout the country with the goal of providing financing and training tools to SMEs and entrepreneurs. This program, based on a thesis, was launched in August 2016, within the structure of the National Ministry of Production of Argentina, to decentralize the programmatic execution of the productive portfolio of the Republic of Argentina. Through a multilevel governance concept, "Casas de la Producción" aims at articulating the territorial demands and readapting the programmatic offer of the Ministry in matters related to local endogenous development. To support the productive institutional development and the improvement of the application of the programmatic offer of said portfolio in provinces with a lower degree of relative development, the Secretariat of Productive Integration was created within the National Ministry of Production.

"Casas de la Producción" program continues to be implemented in Argentina, though continuous adaptations and improvements according to the diverse environments and local realities.