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October 27, 2022

Driving Change: Celebrating 25 Generations of LALP Alumni

Logos GCL and ILG alumni networks in front of blurred image of Healy towers

LALP celebrates 25 generations on the occasion of the 2022 LALP Alumni Reunion "Driving Change." Since 2020, the alumni networks from the GCL and ILG programs copresent annual events to share knowledge, create synergies and promote platforms that foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among alumni from different generations, countries, and programs to advance the competitiveness and governability of the region.

In 2020, the alumni networks of the programs that make up the Latin American Leadership Program (LALP) at Georgetown University – Global Competitiveness Leadership (GCL) and Innovation and Leadership in Government (ILG) – came together to synergize their discussions regarding how to face the challenges presented by the pandemic and how to continue contributing to improving the reality of Latin America looking forward. On that occasion, we met with the objective of “Building Community.”

In 2021, the networks continued to work towards transformational change. The alumni meeting in Panama presented new opportunities to continue discussing and learning about topics of interest to the Latin American region. It became essential to turn a new page on our way out of the pandemic, establishing the path to a “new normal” and a way to connect with one another to transform reality.

And this year, from October 27 to 29, 2022, we meet again in Washington D.C., this time with the theme of “Driving Change.” At this reunion, the topics selected by the current participants and alumni will be represented in an agenda that allows us to think about the future with the aim of contributing to improving the realities of individual communities, but with a perspective of active regional cooperation.

All 2022 Reunion events will be presented IN SPANISH

The reunion begins on October 27 in the afternoon with an opening session that will include welcome remarks from program authorities, University authorities, and special guests. Likewise, we will present a summary of the 2020 and 2021 reunions and introduce a new and improved version of Melian and a database of projects carried out by alumni of both programs.
We will then hold a plenary session titled “Latin America in Focus: Debts and Challenges of the Region.” We will be joined by leaders from the public and private sectors, international organizations, and civil society: Betilde Muñoz Pogossian (Director of the OAS’s Department of Social Inclusion), Robert Ivanschitz (Associate General Counsel for Microsoft Latin America), Susana González (Prefect of Guayas, Ecuador), Antonio Sola (Common Sense Leadership Foundation), Paloma Adams (USAID Deputy Administrator for Management and Resources), and Cristóbal Cobo Romani (Senior Education and Technology Expert, World Bank) will provide us with different perspectives on the structural issues that persist and become more complex in Latin America and their reflections on how each of the sectors can contribute to the creation of innovative proposals and solutions.

On Friday, October 28, participants will attend events outside Georgetown University, such as visits and talks with leaders of various organizations, including Microsoft, the Inter-American Development Bank, the National Endowment for Democracy, and Gallup.

On the last day of the reunion, Saturday, October 29, during the morning, the activities will resume at Georgetown. The first panel, titled "Innovation across Sectors: Experiences Designed for New Demands and Services,” will allow participants to learn first-hand about the implementation of innovation projects from Luis Felipe Monteiro (ILG, Former Secretary of Digital Government of the Brazilian Ministry of Economy), Elizabeth Mier (GCL, Microsoft Executive Recruiter), Clauss Gramckow (President of the Friedrich Naumann Stiftung Foundation) and Melina Masnatta (Director of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity at Globant).

The following panel, titled "Risks, Crises, and Emergencies in the Context of Climate Change,” will cover risk management in large cities, the importance of cross-functional management and lines of cooperation, and the impact of climate change in relation to development and human rights. Panelists will include Pedro Ortiz (UN Habitat Consultant, Former Mayor of the Central Zone of Madrid), Tim Callaghan (Regional Director of the USAID Office of Humanitarian Assistance), Cecilia Vidal Fuertes (Specialist in public health policies, IDB), and remotely, Natalia Lever (Branch Manager for Latin America, The Climate Reality Project). Finally, during the closing ceremony, we will hold a lunch with an important moment of recognition for LALP educators and mentors with awards and acknowledgments.

On Saturday afternoon, there will be special sessions to strengthen networking among participants and a presentation of projects to be replicated in Latin America in accordance with various topics of interest that were postulated from different countries.

The event will be held in person with streaming transmission open to the interested public. It will be an excellent opportunity to meet others with many interests, concerns, and projects in the region and to strengthen a community that already includes 25 generations of graduates, who make up the Latin American Leadership Program Alumni Network.