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October 27, 2022

Driving Change: Celebrating 25 Generations of LALP Alumni

Representatives of 25 generations of LALP Alumni in the McDonough Schoool of Business

In the fall of 2022, Georgetown University Latin America Leadership Program (LALP) celebrates 25 generations of LALP alumni. To celebrate this milestone, LALP joined its GCL and ILG program alumni on campus to host their 2022 LALP Alumni Reunion "Driving Change." More than 120 alumni attended the events that took place from October 27 through October 29, 2022, around campus and Washington D.C.

For the past three years, the alumni networks of Georgetown University's Latin America Leadership Program have come together to co-present annual events that help them share knowledge, create synergies, and promote platforms that foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among the different generations, countries, and programs with the goal to advance the competitiveness and governability of the region. In 2020, in the context of their first joint annual event, “Building Community," the alumni networks of the programs that make up the Latin America Leadership Program (LALP) at Georgetown University – Global Competitiveness Leadership (GCL) and Innovation and Leadership in Government (ILG) – aimed to leverage the knowledge of their alumni base and translate the conversations into action to better face the challenges presented by the then-current pandemic. In 2021, in their commitment to strengthening the ties made across both programs and generations, the GCL and ILG alumni networks continued to work together toward transformational change. On that occasion, they presented their second LALP alumni conference under the theme "Connecting to Transform" in a hybrid format, with the opening sessions hosted virtually and the remaining program held in person in Panama, to facilitate alumni participation during the challenging times. The 2021 reunion opened new opportunities to continue discussing and learning about topics of interest to the Latin American region. The discussions held during the pandemic years in 2020 and 2021 became essential for the networks to reflect on a way out of the pandemic, establishing a path to a “new normal” and outlining strategies to connect with one another to transform the reality of the region.

In 2022, from October 27 to 29, the Latin America Leadership Program hosted the third joint LALP alumni reunion on campus to celebrate 25 generations of LALP alumni representing 16 generations of the GCL program and 9 generations of the ILG program. The theme for this special event was “Driving Change” as a way to rethink strategies that may contribute to improving the realities of local communities with a perspective of active regional cooperation. This reunion was attended by over 120 members of the LALP alumni networks, attesting to their commitment to advancing their learning and collaborating in joint projects for a better region.

For more information about the 2022 LALP Alumni Meeting, read the visual story of the meeting.