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Nicolás Albertoni

September 1, 2021

Nicolás Albertoni, GCL alumnus, launches the Business Research Lab

The Business Research Lab, BRLab, is a project of the Catholic University of Uruguay, UCU, led by GCL 2012 alumnus Nicolas Albertoni, in association with the Security and Political Economy Lab of the University of Southern California. The project has received the GCL Seal, a recognization awarded to high-impact alumni initiatives of the Globalization and Competitiveness Leadership Program of the McDonough School of Business from Georgetown University.

The UCU Business Research Lab (BRLab), seeks to be a space for interdisciplinary and intergenerational research in areas related to geopolitics, business, and administration. UCU's BRLab will be the first of its kind in the country. The BRLab, will have as one of its main work pillars, promoting research through cross-mainstreaming: horizontal (cross-cutting in subject areas) and vertical (cross-cutting in degrees of study). In this way, among its main tasks, is the promotion of research tools for undergraduate students, thus complying with the UCU Strategic Plan to "Develop by 2020 a center that encourages and favors research in undergraduate and master's programs, to through the inclusion of students in research by university professors.”

The BRLab is a dynamic and innovative space for the promotion of academic research by undergraduate students. To do this, it seeks to bring students closer to ongoing research that is being developed at UCU as well as to promote their own research projects. It is intended that both parties - students and researchers - benefit from this interaction.