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Hands coming together

April 3, 2020

LALP Alumni against COVID-19

As COVID-19 cases continue to grow across borders, Latin America Leadership Program (LALP) alumni are taking on new initiatives to support their communities.

From the most ambitious economic stimulus package in the region to local initiatives, these are just some of the many projects led by our Global Competitiveness Leadership (GCL) and Innovation & Leadership in Government (ILG) alumni.


CAI (Learning and Exchange Community)
Jorge Mercado, GCL 2011 from Bolivia
The Learning and Exchange Community on Dialogue and Conflict Transformation (CAI) of the German Cooperation in Bolivia, a safe and trustworthy platform that brings together social, indigenous, political, and peace activists leaders in Bolivia, is facilitating virtual information panels for its members imparted by experts about the social and political effects of the COVID-19 crisis. The first conversation featured Samuel Gonzales (GCL 2016), who informed the community about the medical implications of COVID 19 and about public health policies. The goal of these conversations is to achieve apolitical consensus on how to fight this pandemic in Bolivia and convey clear, concrete, simple and practical messages. Future meetings will cover topics such as the effect of the crisis on emotions, fear, and social trauma, how to work with children. More info about CAI at


Voce Agora
Felipe Dib, GCL 2011 from Brazil

Offering free English instruction for 6.9 million Brazilian public middle-schoolers for the next eight weeks. More info about Voce Agora at


Hablando con Julis
Gabriela Galindo, GCL 2016 from Colombia

Hablando con Julis, a communication firm that offers instruction on spoken and written communication and reading skills in Spanish and English for people with and without disabilities is currently offering their services for free for the entire month of April to all those who want to improve their communication skills. Those interested should use the code #MEQUEDOENCASA for a one-month free trial. More information

#MiCienciaton, Colombia Cientifica
Victor Hugo Malagon, GCL 2010 from Colombia

From the Office of the President of Colombia, Victor Hugo Malagon leads #MiCienciaton, a government initiative launched to support and foster new scientific initiatives in response to the new pandemic. More info

Share a Meal, Tierra Grata
Jennifer Colpas, GCL 2019 from Colombia

Through her GCL 2019 project, Tierra Grata, Jennifer is leading a campaign to support vulnerable communities in Colombia during the crisis


Simon Boric, GCL 2013 from Chile

Leading the information and prevention campaign in Chile to present current facts to the UChile community. More info at and


Fundacion Comparlante
Sebastian Flores, GCL 2019 from Ecuador

During these times of crisis and forced social distance, Fundacion Compartlante is launching a story contest #MiMundoAMiManera for children between 6 and 13 years old to promote learning and create awareness and empathy about people with disabilities. Children can enter this contest by writing a story between one and three pages using one or more of the characters indicated in the contest.
In this 2nd Edition, the disabilities to be addressed are upper limb amputation, cerebral palsy and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). This is an ideal project for the kids during these days when we must stay at home. More info at


Blindspot Communications
Ana Lucía Mazariegos, GCL 2016 from Guatemala

In order to support small businesses and enterprises in Guatemala affected by the COVID 19 crisis, Blindspot Communications is offering a free eBook entitled "Strategic Communication in Times of #Coronavirus." So far, more than 650 ebooks have been distributed among entrepreneurs in Guatemala. You can request the eBook by direct message at


Laura Reyna, ILG 2015 from Mexico

Laura Reyna through the Tech Policy Lab is helping redesign Jetty, an app that aims to improve public transportation in Mexico, in order to offer more efficient and safe transportation options throughout the country in the face of the new pandemic. This service will be offered to transportation companies and governments at no-cost during the crisis. More info at


Lo Uso Despues
Vanessa Castro, GCL 2016 from Nicaragua

An initiative to support merchants in times of crisis, Lo Uso Despues (Use It Later) promotes the purchase of goods now for future use and raises funds for those in need. More info of Lo Uso Despues at

Various initiatives
Thamara Narvaez, ILG 2017 from Nicaragua

From her position, as the Senior intergovernmental and global affairs specialist for Harris County, Texas, Tammy is supporting efforts to enhance communication and workflow among government agencies to strengthen the response to COVID19, at the local, state, and federal level. Tammy has also volunteered her bilingual skills to support messaging to the Spanish-speaking community in the region.
Separately, Tammy has co-launched an initiative that aims to serve the most vulnerable populations to COVID19. In its first phase, the initiative is providing essential supplies to elderly populations who are most at risk of contracting the virus, in a Latin America region where government resources are unavailable. By identifying underserved shelters that provide care to senior citizens, the group was able to carry out fundraising and contract with a provider that is able to deliver soap, disinfectant products, and other basic hygiene products that will, at the very least, provide the first barrier of protection to over 1000 elders without the resources or access to cover basic needs.


Gabriel Rebollon, GCL 2018 from Panama

Donating Blood Makes a Big Difference in the Lives of Others.
#Blood4All is a global initiative that aims to engage with people through social media to spark a conversation about becoming voluntary blood donors, and promoting periodic blood donations.
COVID-19 is severely impacting blood donations. Local blood centers are asking people to give blood because it is an essential function for patients. That’s why the #Blood4All Initiative takes on a new significance in times of need. More info about #Blood4All at

Alimento Solidario
Maria Victoria Lagman, GCL 2016 from Panama

United Way Panama has launched the campaign #AlimentoSolidario (#SolidarityFood) to raise funds and provide food and supplies to the Food Bank in Panama and to support non-profit organizations, homeless hostels and individuals in need during these times of crisis. More info about Alimento Solidario Campaign at


Latin America's most ambitious economic stimulus plan
Maria Antonieta Alva, GCL 2010 from Peru

Peru's government is implementing Latin America’s most ambitious economic plan to help mitigate the impact of a global coronavirus pandemic. The stimulus plan, led by Maria Antonieta Alva (GCL 2010) Minister of Economy and Finance of Peru, worth around 12% of the gross domestic product aims to create liquidity and support the most vulnerable communities in the face of this health crisis.

If you are a GCL or ILG alumni, please share with us your projects so we can update this page accordingly.

Thank you to all our community for supporting the fight against COVID-19.