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Isabel Fiafilio, ILG 2020 Peru

December 15, 2022

Isabel Fiafilio, President ILG Alumni Network 2022-2024

On December 9 and 10, 2022, members of the alumni network of the Innovation and Leadership in Government (ILG) Program, made up of 233 public innovators in the region to date, voted to elect the positions of President and Vice President of the network for the period 2022-2024.

These positions, which are filled every two years by ILG alumni on a voluntary basis, are key to continuing to foster the exchange of experiences and knowledge among members of the network and expanding the reach of LALP programs in the region.

I had the opportunity to be part of the 2020 cohort, and despite the fact that we were one of the generations that took the program virtually, I consider it one of the best experiences of my life, since it allowed me to meet professionals from all over Latin America. These are decision makers who want to advance their learning to impact their sectors and achieve better results in each of their countries. I believe that, thanks to the ILG alumni network, I have been able to advance my projects through the exchange of experiences and collaboration with each one of them, because it is important to achieve synergies at all levels. As the new president of this network, I hope to continue the projects that were carried out by my predecessors to strengthen the network, and with the commitment to work with and for all the members of the ILG cohorts. -Isabel Fiafilio, ILG 2020 Peru

LALP congratulates the new president and vice president of the ILG Alumni Network and thanks everyone, both candidates and members of the network, who participated in this important democratic process, thus demonstrating their commitment to continue working for LALP programs and for all those who are part of this valuable network of public innovators in LATAM. LALP also appreciates the special efforts of Vania García Morales and Diego Irazábal as observers of the electoral process and the support of Diane Garza facilitating the Meet the Candidates session and the voting process to ensure participation and transparency of results.

Board ILG Alumni Network 2022-2024

President: Isabel Fiafilio (ILG 2020, Peru)

Vicepresident: Ana Romina Sarmiento (ILG 2019, Argentina)

ILG 2014: Rodrigo Aybar (Argentina)
ILG 2015: Susana Porras (Colombia ) sup. José Antonio Avila Stagg.(Ecuador)
ILG 2016: Humberto Villalobos (Panama)
ILG 2017: Carlos Mendoza (Chile)
ILG 2018: Vania García (Honduras) Sup. Ana Gigliola Nuñez Joyo (Peru)
ILG 2019 Fiorella Guevara (Peru) sup. Luz Paola Sánchez (Paraguay)
ILG 2020: Mónica Real (Ecuador) sup. Omar Edu Córdoba Paredes (Peru)
ILG 2021: Juan Manuel Lozano Rodríguez (Colombia) sup Mónica E. Banegas Cedillo (Ecuador)
ILG 2022: David Castellanos (Honduras) sup. Lina María Nuñez Acosta (Colombia)

I consider it an honor to continue contributing to this network. I am committed to building an even stronger network with the participation of all the cohorts so we can serve as ambassadors of the ILG brand internationally. - Isabel Fiafilio, ILG 2020 Peru


Isabel Fiafilio, ILG 2020 Peru
Isabel has a degree in Economics (UNMSM) and is pursuing a master's degree in Applied Statistics. She has experience in public investment, planning, and open government, and her complementary studies include Open Government by ILPES / ECLAC, Innovation and Leadership in Government Program of Georgetown University's Latin America Leadership Program,  Innovation in the digital age of the Govlab of New York University and I+ E, the GPODS program (Global Policy, Democracy, and Sustainability) and Leading Education. She has held representative positions and is an active member in organizations such as TEDxUNMSM, Jóvenes Iberoamericanos, Ciudadanos del Mercosur, and Somos Ciudadania, among others. She has been part of the Committee of Experts to prepare the working document of the Data Governance Strategy of Peru in the year 2021. She is the winner of the Napolitan Awards of The Washington Academy of Political Arts and Science in the category of Youth Leadership Awards 2021 and Rising Star 2022. She has collaborated as a local researcher in Peru for the Open Data Barometer for Latin America 2020 and the Global Data Barometer 2021. Isabel is a member of various research teams in Argentina and India, and she has published opinion articles on open data, governance, education, and sustainable development at the national and international levels. She is recognized in the book "30 Shining in the World" in the year 2022.

Ana Romina Sarmiento, ILG 2019, Argentina
Former National Director of Civic Culture in Human Rights of the Secretariat of Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism of the Nation. She was the project coordinator of the Ministry of Government of the City of Buenos Aires in the area of ​​Political Affairs. She was a parliamentary adviser in the Congress of the Argentine Nation and in the Chamber of Deputies of the Province of Buenos Aires. Graduate in Political Sciences (UBA) UBA Teacher. Master's degree in International Human Rights Law, Faculty of Law of the UBA. She completed the Innovation and Government Leadership Program in 2019 and served as President of the ILG Alumni Network for the period 2020-2022. She is a university professor, teaching "Refugees and Forced Displaced Persons: their regional and global impact", of the seminar "Public Policies with a Human Rights Approach" at the Faculty of Social Sciences (UBA) and of the subject Political Science (UBA). She writes on leadership and human rights, international humanitarian law, and the Middle East. Romina has been collaborating for more than 10 years in different volunteer activities at YMCA (Youth Christian Association). She has an outstanding track record in training young people on political and citizen participation. Other education and fellowship experience include Human Rights programs and projects at World Youth Forum Canada (2006), YMCA Jerusalem (2008 and 2014), Save the Children (2014), and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Turkish government (2015).