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GCL Alumni Recognized by Global Americans

December 31, 2018

GCL Alumni Recognized as the New Public Intellectuals in Latin America

GCL alumni, Soledad Nuñez (GCL 2014, Paraguay), Nicolas Albertoni (GCL 2012, Uruguay), Rosa Maria Paya (GCL 2014, Cuba), David Smolansky (GCL 2010, Venezuela), and Felipe Dib (GCL 2011, Brazil) were recognized by Global Americans in its “New Generation of Public Intellectuals” (June 14, 2018). These GCL alumni exemplify the spirit of the Global Competitiveness Leadership Program (GCL), demonstrating outstanding leadership in promoting the multiplier effect in the Latin American region.

Felipe Dib (GCL 2011, Brazil)

Dib launched Você Aprende Agora, an English + Leadership course that has taught more than 30 million classes for students in 181 countries worldwide. By identifying the need of Spanish and Chinese speakers to learn English, Dib launched Tú Aprendes Ahora and You Speak Now under the same philosophy. Dib was elected as one of the most inspiring youth members in Brazil by Revista Veja, and invited by the United Nations and the World Economic Forum to collaborate in the Millennium Development Goals and the Sustainable Development Goals. Dib was also nominated Global Youth Ambassador.

Soledad Nuñez (GCL 2014, Paraguay)

A social entrepreneur whose work has focused on addressing urban poverty, Soledad Núñez was named Paraguay’s Minister of Housing and Habitat in October 2014. The youngest person ever appointed a Cabinet-level minister in Paraguay, Minister Núñez has overseen a dramatic increase in the production of social housing for low-income households, delivering more than 30,000 units in rural and urban communities. Minister Nuñez is also working to transform the ministry from a housing-focused institution into a technical institution responsible for coordinating the implementation of the country’s New Urban Agenda.

Rosa María Paya (GCL 2014, Cuba)

Rosa Maria Paya is a pro-democracy activist and has led civil society activities in Cuba since 2009. Paya has made appearances in several international forums since 2013, including the United Nations Human Rights Council, the European Parliament, the Senate of the United States, the Organization of American States, the Summit of the Americas, and several national parliaments.

David Smolansky (GCL 2010, Venezuela)

Elected as the youngest mayor in Venezuela, Smolansky’s administration decreased the kidnappings’ rates in El Hatillo, converting the municipality into one of the most secure and transparent in the country four years later. Smolansky is currently living in exile and doing a visiting scholarship at Georgetown University.

Nicolas Albertoni (GCL 2012, Uruguay)

Author of two books on regional integration and development in Latin America: “Instrucciones para inventor la rueda” (2014) and "Entre el barrio y el mundo ¿Mercorsur o el modelo chileno?” (2011). His research interest includes  international political economy, comparative politics and regional integration.

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