Ricardo Ernst teaching students

May 8, 2018

GCL 2017 Alumnus Launches Global Impact Leadership Program in Montevideo

Today our executive director Professor Ernst opened the first edition of the Global Impact Leadership Program (PLIG 2018) at IEEM (the business school at the University of Montevideo), a project of GCL2017 alumnus Felipe Paullier

PLIG 2018 received the GCL Seal in 2017-2018, a certificate of excellence given by Georgetown University's Latin America Leadership Program to projects and initiatives by GCL alumni leaders who have excelled in creating social impact in the region, and have expanded the multiplier effect of the GCL program.

In line with GCL's mission, PLIG 2018 is dedicated to the promotion and development of a new generation of young leaders that are innovative and socially committed to Uruguay.

The aim of the program is to build a space of academic excellence for young leaders coming from the political arena, as well as from the private sector and the civil society, through an integrated mix of leadership development activities, academic courses on the basic social sciences, and hands-on experience on political organizations, NGOs and private enterprises.

PLIG is a 10 week experience program for 24 young leaders between 24 and 35 years combining academic traditional classes based on the case study teaching method, meetings with referents, a study trip and a group project.

Classes will be held two days a week at IEEM from May 7 through July 11, 2018.

Organized byGeorgetown Alumni of Uruguay and IEEM, Universidad de Montevideo Business School

In collaboration with: Latin America Leadership Program, Georgetown University, World Bank, Centro de Estudios para el Desarrollo, Enseña Uruguay, and Socialab

Find more information about PLIG here.