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January 9, 2019, Closing the Literacy Gap in Latin America Using Games aims at fostering significant learning while promoting the development of skills needed for the 21st century in order to create social impact and close the literacy gap in Latin America. In the era of digital transformation, this GCL alumni initiative supports skills development by providing access to the methodology of Aprender Jugando, so that this knowledge can reach more people, and thus promote learning and the development of key competences using games.

Before participating in the Global Competitiveness Leadership Program (GCL), Kenneth Gent (GCL 2014, Chile) worked with his partners of Momento Cero and Fundacion Enterpreneur to formalize that this value proposition of Aprender Jugando could be self-sustaining.  After his GCL experience in 2014, Kenneth has focused on materializing a business model that would take advantage of the characteristics of replicability, transfer, and scalability of Aprender Jugando in order to multiply the impact and expand its reach through local partnerships. In 2016 and in 2017, two other GCL alumni, Carolina Escallon (GCL 2015, Colombia) and Andres Aramayo (GCL 2015, Bolivia), joined Kenneth's initiative, leading local chapters, and thus expanding the impact of the program to Colombia and Bolivia, respectively.

Kenneth, Carolina and Andres have managed to articulate a Latin American community - with more than 1000 members - who work collaboratively and interact within this network. Thanks to Aprender Jugando, specialists are being trained and certified (who later replicate the system locally), games and educational materials are being commercialized (in Spanish and in English), schools, universities and companies are receiving professional educational advice, and related initiatives are being held at a regional level, such as the tournaments and Olympics on entrepreneurship and financial literacy. 

Initiatives such as this one by Kenneth, Carolina and Andres demonstrate the multiplier effect and the incredible impact of GCL projects inside and outside of their countries.

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