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Julio Lopez Bonillas, ILG 2020, Guatemala

October 14, 2021

An Anti-Corruption ILG 2020 Project Becomes a Reality in Guatemala

The project presented by Julio Rodolfo Bonilla, ILG 2020 of Guatemala, for the development of a first-ever Compliance and Anticorruption Policy within the National Secretariat of Science and Technology in Guatemala (SENACYT), is now a reality.

At the end of July 2021, the National Secretariat for Science and Technology launched the "Ethical Compendium", which includes the Code of Institutional Ethics and Compliance, and policies of anti-corruption, conflict of interest, confidentiality, privacy and management of information. The objective of the compendium is to create a culture of zero tolerance to corruption, through the promotion of honesty, respect, teamwork, integrity and responsibility, and to define the institutional values that should govern the secretariat decisions and relationships with the members of the National System of Science and Technology and all Guatemalan citizens.

This policy is the first public sector anti-corruption program in Guatemala. It is the product of the collaboration and collective participation of various teams within the institution and was designed with an organizational culture approach. The project included phases of awareness, diagnosis, training and construction. Work is already underway to enable secure and anonymous reporting channels and include ongoing training of these issues. The Secretariat hopes to soon be able to apply for international certifications on the matter as a guarantee of the correct implementation and operation of the program, as well as to have the first compliance officer in the public sector.

“It is the first compliance program in the public sector in Guatemala and the most important thing is that we built it with the participation of all stakeholders, with the expectation that a culture of zero tolerance to corruption is created and that other institutions can replicate it. The project does not stop there, we are planning continuing and permanent training, and we are seeking ISO certifications and create compliance officer positions within the public sector. "

You can read more information about the project at