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September 13, 2018

Nicaragua in Crisis

Voices from the Front Lines

Nicaragua's special operations police patrol the city of Masaya, photo credit to Marvin Recinos (AFP/Getty Images)

Over 400 unarmed Nicaraguans have been killed by President Ortega's police and paramilitary forces since April 2018. Civil society, the press, church organizations, doctors, academics, and university students continue to be targeted and threatened by the regime. Democratic institutions have been weakened and coopted as President Daniel Ortega's government has concentrated state power and become increasingly autocratic. The Organization of American States and the international community have expressed concerns about human rights, citizen security, and democratic governance. Still, the repression and attacks on Nicaragua's pro-democracy activists continue. Ambassador John Feeley led an in-depth examination of this critical situation with two veteran journalists and two human rights and pro-democracy activists who have been on the front lines of Nicaragua's crisis.

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Arianna Moraga is a student protester and pro-democracy activist from Nicaragua.

Aníbal Toruño is the director of Radio Darío in Nicaragua.

Joshua Partlow is the Washington Post's bureau chief in Mexico.

Tifani Roberts is a network correspondent at Univision, based in Miami.

John Feeley (SFS'83) is a current Latin America Fellow at the Walsh School of Foreign Service and former U.S. Ambassador to Panama.