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GCL 2018 Graduation

Georgetown University's GCL 2018 Class Graduation

The Global Competitiveness Leadership Program 2018 graduation took place at the Riggs Library on Thursday, March 29. Thirty-four participants from 19 countries graduated from this 10-week program which aims to empower emerging leaders to become strong agents of change in Latin America. Out of all the projects crafted during the program, the following 10 projects were selected to present at the GCL Pitch Showcase on March 28:

  • Brasil Paralelo: This project by Guilherme Benezra (Brazil) aims to educate the public about major historical events in Brazil through educational entertainment in order to create a major political change in Brazil in the next 20 years.
  • WE: A project by Gonzalo Avila (Bolivia) that creates a think tank to generate information and reflection on the functioning of democracy in Bolivia based on political analysis and data research.
  • Colombian Science Club: An initiative by Bryan Avendaño (Colombia) to design interactive and hands-on workshops in STEM for children to develop scientific projects that impact rural and isolated communities in Colombia.
  • YUHNI: A mobile app by Carlos Espinoza (Honduras) that facilitates food donations to child care centers in Honduras, reducing food waste and fighting against hunger.
  • Pluralio: A citizen independent cloud-base solution by Pablo Marín (Mexico) that enables the public to participate and take action over problems at a city level.
  • Malquerida: By Lucia Chuquillanqui (Peru). A Spanish language digital platform run entirely by women that aims to empower them and reduce the gender gap in Peru.
  • Selección Española: By Teresa Astolfi (Spain). A one-year leadership program dedicated to promoting new generations of socially responsible leaders in Spain through academic courses, mentorship and visits.
  • Refugiados Empleados: By Fernando Zavala (Spain). A job search platform that features professional advice to refugees to help them integrate within their new communities. 
  • Enseña Uruguay: By Juan Martin Hernandez (Uruguay). An educational initiative that gives access to underprivileged students to close the learning gap and to improve the quality of education in Uruguay. 
  • Recuperemos Venezuela: By Pierina Garcia (Venezuela). An initiative to create a non-profit organization for the recovery of public assets stolen by acts of corruption in Venezuela.

We extend our congratulations to all our 34 GCLs and will be on the lookout for their accomplishments in the region. 

For details on these and the rest of the participants' leadership projects, download their one-page proposals below. If you wish to contact these participants, email

Georgetown University's GCL 2018 Class Graduation Document