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GCL Ethos, Rules, and Regulations

As a Jesuit and Catholic university, Georgetown places special emphasis on the dignity and worth of every person and the love of truth. Membership in this community carries with it high expectations regarding the ways in which each person will act both within and beyond Healy Gates. All members of the Georgetown University community are expected to honor the following commitments in all their actions:

  • A commitment to the highest standards of honesty and personal integrity both inside and outside the classroom.
  • A commitment to treat others in a respectful manner, regardless of differences such as race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.
  • A commitment to open discourse and the free exchange of ideas.
  • A commitment to exercise mutual care and responsibility in all relationships.
  • A commitment to an active concern for the safety, security, and well-being of each individual and a respect for individual, communal, and university property.

GCL Rules and Regulations

In order to ensure a successful GCL experience participants must abide by the following rules and regulations. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the program.

Commitment to Return to Country of Origin

All admitted participants sign a written agreement to return to their country of origin for at least one year. Failure to comply with this commitment will result in the participant reimbursing the Latin America Leadership Program for the total cost of the program ($25,000.00 USD).


Attendance and punctuality are mandatory for all courses and activities. If an absence is inevitable in case of emergency or illness, you must notify the LALP team ASAP.


The use of electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, cell phones, and others is highly discouraged during class time to promote discussions through participation and dialogue between instructors and all participants.

Class Participation

Participation will be evaluated by both professors and the LALP team. Both quantity and quality matter and our primary interest is in top-quality, fast-moving discussion.

Other Course Enrollment

Participants admitted to the GCL program will not be allowed to enroll in other courses at Georgetown or any other university. GCL consists of a rigorous curriculum and schedule to which participants will need to devote the majority of their time.

Living Arrangements

Participants will be living in specified apartments with three roommates of the same gender. Each apartment has two bedrooms, with two people per bedroom. Only GCL participants are allowed to live in these apartments.

Guests and Spouses

It is strongly recommended that participants travel alone to Washington, DC for the duration of the program due to the intense curriculum. GCL is extremely demanding in terms of time since there are scheduled activities from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. from Monday through Friday. In addition, we place a great emphasis on peer learning, networking, and integration among the program participants through social activities that occur beyond the classroom, and by having family members present, we have seen that this prevents full integration with the group.

Registration and Tuition Payment

Every admitted participant must pay the full program cost before arriving in Washington, DC. Payment instructions will be distributed once students have been accepted into the program. There are partial scholarships for aid-eligible admitted participants.

Travel and Visas

Participants who are accepted to the program will need to cover the cost of their transportation to Washington, DC. Participants that need a visa to enter the United States must apply for a visitor visa at the embassy or consulate of the United States in their respective countries. The visitor visa contains two designations—B1/B2—and lasts 90 days, which covers the time spent in the United States for the ILG Program. All participants must ensure they abide by these timelines when coordinating their arrival and departure flights. Once accepted, participants will receive more information.