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GCL Application and Selection Process

Application Process

The Global Competitiveness Leadership (GCL) program application can be accessed through an online process at 

The application form consists of personal and academic information which must be provided by the candidates, along with essays and questions on the program they want to develop or scale throughout their 10-week GCL experience. Applicants must explain their reason for wanting to participate in the GCL program and answer a series of additional questions. The application form also consists of a written agreement to return to the candidate’s country of origin upon completion of the program for at least one year in order to apply lessons learned. Failure to comply with this agreement will result in full reimbursement of the GCL program scholarship by the participant.


The GCL program selection committees take into consideration the following additional criteria:
  • Leadership potential
  • Relevance and feasibility of project (preference will be given to projects with a social impact component)
  • Candidate’s ability to build networks, share knowledge, and become catalyst for change and innovation
  • Involvement in extracurricular and/or high-impact activities
  • Reasons for participation in the GCL program expressed in the application form
  • Evaluation of answers to questions in the application form
  • Other merits

Required Documentation

The application form should be submitted online through the GCL application website, along with the following supporting documents:

  • Current resume (curriculum vitae)
  • Copy of university diploma
  • Copy of university transcripts
  • Copy of any post-graduate studies diploma (if applicable)
  • Copy of any post-graduate studies transcripts (if applicable)
  • Two letters of recommendation (one of the letters must be a professional letter of recommendation)
  • Copy of valid passport
  • One of the following as proof of English competency (if completed):

  • Cambridge English Language Assessment
  • Certificate or other proof of advanced English language courses taken
  • Diploma from undergraduate or postgraduate studies in an English-speaking country

Those applicants wishing to be considered for a 90% scholarship are required to justify their reasons in the online application form.

Learn more about the GCL Application Process under the Frequently Asked Questions tab on our home page.

Notification Process

Step 1

All applications and documents will be received by Georgetown University and later channeled to the appropriate local selection committee in each country for review. Some countries do not have local selection committees; in such cases, Georgetown University staff will reach out to these applicants directly to schedule an interview.

Step 2

Each selection committee will review local applications, determine preliminary candidates, carry out first round interviews, and identify a short list of semi-finalists. The application process and selection in the country of origin of a candidate does not guarantee acceptance to Georgetown University.

Step 3

Each selection committee will send a list of local semi-finalists to Georgetown University for a final review. An admissions committee at the university will review the application forms and supporting documents of semi-finalists, and then carry out a final interview in English and via Zoom to determine the participants of the GCL program.

Step 4

Georgetown University will notify all applicants of the selection decision via email. This will end the selection process. All admissions decisions are absolutely final, and there is no waitlist for any applicants.

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