GCL Alumni Recognition

Together with the GCL Advisory Committee and the GCL Alumni Network, the Latin America Leadership Program (LALP) recognizes exemplary GCL alumni who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and generated great positive impact in their countries and throughout the Latin American region. LALP grants the following:

GCL Impact Award

The GCL Impact Award was created by Georgetown University's Latin American Board and the GCL Advisory Committee to recognize Latin America Leadership Program's GCL alumni who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in promoting the multiplier effect in the Latin American region. The prize includes round-trip airfare to and accommodations in Washington, D.C., to receive the award during the GCL Project Showcase and to meet with members of the GCL Advisory Committee.

GCL Seal

The GCL Seal was created by Georgetown University's Latin America Leadership Program to promote the multiplier effect generated by GCL program alumni. It is meant to expand the reach of Georgetown University throughout the Latin American region and also supports the projects and organizations created by GCL alumni. The GCL Seal promotes the spirit of the GCL program, including collaboration, social impact, and integral development. The use of the GCL Seal is valid for one year. Alumni will be responsible for the permission renewal every year.

GCL Seed Grants

The Latin America Leadership Program, in collaboration with the GCL Alumni Network, is working to offer financial seed grants for GCL alumni to launch and develop their projects or initiatives. These grants may serve as catalysts to launch GCL projects, or to maintain and spread the impact of already existing projects that strive for creating social impact in the Latin American region. Stay tuned for more information on how and when to apply for GCL Seed Grants.